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  1. I think Joey Cole may have picked up the eyebrow raise from Carlo or has he always been doing it? i cant remember but i have only noticed it since Carlo came on the scene.
  2. haha - Im really enjoying watching us play under Carlo i think hes a fantastic manager and i really think he is the man to get us that elusive Champion League title! And to think i wanted Mancini over him a few years back
  3. I like the picture of Hodgson above, i bet he doesnt fancy his chances against us now
  4. I think hes a great option to have coming on off the bench, he can really make a diffrence! nice performance him and all the boys today.
  5. Sunday, 19 September 2010Barclays Premier LeagueChelsea v Blackpool, 16:00 Gonna be a cricket score..
  6. Wigan -9 Goal Diffrence after 2 home games. Gonna be a long long season for them
  7. Just to double check, you are a Chelsea fan arent you?
  8. Nice one Kalou, should shut most of you doubters up for a while at least
  9. Ramires wont just walk in into the team now
  10. Thats great news for us .. I cant see it going down to well with Ghana though.
  11. That pretty much sums up my opinion of him, i think he is a good squad player who we could depend on to beat the lesser teams in the league when Drogs injured etc. I think we should keep hold of him and concentrate on finding a suitable replacement to Drogba.
  12. Remember this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcwtUclQCKY
  13. I think when Ken Bates bought the club he didnt buy the stadium as it was owned by some property developers so when he eventually got it back Chelsea Pitch Owners was created. It was to stop us ever losing the stadium again, the guy above has posted a link to wiki explaining why we couldnt use the name in more detail.
  14. I think we would have to change the name of the club if we moved grounds and the bridge would be very difficult to expand so it looks as though we will be keeping things the way they are.
  15. 18 games is one lengthy punishment at least he can concentrate fully on us now which can only be a benefit, providing he isnt to upset about it all. At least hes welcome back here but i cant imagine the outcry if one of our boys ended it on these type of terms for England.
  16. That was a nice way to say good bye, good interview. I`ll miss his penaltys the most i`ve never felt so confident about a penalty as i do when he stands over one.
  17. haha Diego Maradona on his rival to the 'world's best ever player' award, Pele... "Pele should go back to the museum." Diego Maradona on the entire nation of France and its greatest football star... "We all know what the French are like and Platini as a Frenchman thinks he knows it all." Diego Maradona on smashing the car of a photographer... "I did it with the hand of reason."
  18. Hes a media boy aswell so journos will be creaming themselves over him in press confrences trying to get some quotes.
  19. Yeah terrible manager he managed to lose a match against Bolivia 6-1 even with the talent he had available. It also sounds like the most ridiculous rumour possible bearing in mind he cant speak English but even after all that id love to see him in the premier league.
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