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  1. Time to get back to winning ways then easy 3 points
  2. Id take Rooney over Neymar all day long any day of the week, i agree we need to step it up for Lukaku though before Arsenal get him
  3. Yeah they probably would so we will have to hope he doesnt choose city as it would due to the fact it would be a complete snub to the United fans. Its out of us and Real imo now.
  4. This thread is well and truely on now! Sign him up Carlo we have got as good a chance as anyone in the Premier League
  5. Should be intresting to see what fergie has to say in todays press conference
  6. To be honest i can only see him going to Spain, theres no way he will go to Man City, Arsenal or us. If i had to put money on it though id bet on him staying at United
  7. Fergie would rather die than let us take his young Englishman off him.
  8. All the liverpool players have been useless this season to be fair, i still love Joe and watching him. Hope he can regain some form and make the England squad he is definitely better than SWP!
  9. I think Anelkas got it covered up front to be honest, im going for a narrow chelsea victory.
  10. Nah i dont really hope gets his leg broke but definitely does need to relax a bit, everyone loves a player who gets stuck in but he goes a bit to far if he would of done that to one of our boys we would be going mental.
  11. Fuck de jong the cheat i hope someone breaks his leg.
  12. Surely its got to be Malouda, the rest have done well hes been something else!
  13. Yeah mate was perfect translation, who was his nearest competition?
  14. Yossi is out for months http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/06102010/2/soccer-injury-sidelines-israel-benayoun-months.html
  15. It would be intresting to see a high profile player come out obviously there will be the odd bit of abuse but i think the majority of supporters wouldnt even comment on it. Max Clifford has advised 2 big named footballers to stay quiet untill retirement and didnt Ballacks agent accuse half the German team of being gay after the world cup?
  16. I actually couldnt hate anything more on tv if i tried drives me mad
  17. I think we do have a responsibility to look after the planet and improve things, its not like it would completely change our way of liviing just a few little things could make a diffrence. Plus what about your kids futures and theirs TX?
  18. I adore that goal.. the way he took it round the defender is just wow.
  19. Acording to the daily mail were looking to hijack a deal on him come January 1st, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1316637/Chelsea-consider-deal-soon-contract-Roma-defender-Philippe-Mexes.html
  20. Its not an arguement iv found the comments very funny on this thread.
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