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  1. We really do need more squad depth, little tarts like Kakuta arent good enough i cant wait till he jumps ship in January to Bayern.
  2. This is what our points advantage was for, days like this when we fuck up against a team that is total shit away from home. It happens we need to look forward to next week and nurse these injured players back
  3. Imo Paulo is in due to his leadership qualitys. with Alex and Terry out i cant imagine the communication would be that great between a young Borini and a quiet Ivanovic. Add that in with Bosingwa just coming back and no essien in front of them also the russian and ramires things could get a bit quiet. i could be talking shit
  4. Dennis Wise please i only ever want to see Zola back as manager
  5. I remember seeing a while back that Wilkins will join Capello and today that looks to have happened. After the world cup the FA said they wanted to bring another englishman in as coach and rumour had it he was the man for the job i never thought he would leave us though as he was doing well. Also Dennis Wise turned down a managers job recently and it was said hes waiting for the asistent managers job at Chelsea.
  6. No im guessing we could but cant really think of anyone off the top of my head whos available and already an established player.
  7. Hes had it for a month according to the BBC
  8. Which good third striker could we have got in the summer? we tried for Torres and got rejected. Kalou is good enough anyway aswell as the youngsters, it didnt seem to cost us last year.
  9. He started the season in typical blistering form imo only recently has he eased off
  10. Without him leaving we wouldnt have been able to see the legend that is Guus Hiddink in action
  11. Ouch thats quite hard and will definitely knock the uni numbers down! but to be honest its to easy to get in Uni so i think its a good thing the numbers will decrease, i could of went myself this year and a number of my class in college did go and to be honest we did fuck all work for 3 years and the teacher let us copy past coursework so we could get the qualifcations which we did. So does mean you now have to fund the course yourself or just that entry fees are dearer meaning more debt for you? On a side note i voted Labour but now feel ashamed of it and i really think the Tories will help
  12. I`d imagine Del Bosque will get it with Jose second and Carlo third. I cant really say who deserves it more out of Jose and Carlo thats a tough one.
  13. The break will have done him good and it must be hard to miss playing for your country so i understand his decision just hope he doesnt get injured
  14. happy birthday mate have a good one
  15. What a waste all this talk has been all week Wouldnt surprise me if they planned all this to take the attention off his poor form and private live.. tut something fishy here unless the United fans at his house last night actually made him stay... ah well we still have the drog
  16. Only just saw this thread. I thought the album was a good return to form yeah its not the olden days Marshall Mathers lp style anymore but still alot better than some of the crap out there.. my favorite tracks would be Cold Wind Blows and Almost Famous, 8 and a half out of 10 from me.
  17. Yeah everyone bottled it when it came to voting but then again they still got in edit: on about the lib dems not the bnp
  18. All good points but from a personal point of view i cant accept a band changing their style as much as they have, i havent heard the album yet only the new single so to soon for me to judge but i have a feeling what its going to be like and its really not my cup of tea. I understand the aim of the game is for success and money but i just think that they completely changed their style that little bit to much. My personal favorite band (MandoDiao) started off a bit like KoL and they to are changing their style which im not impressed with but its still not poppy as KoLs last couple of singles.
  19. Fergie prefers to ship them off to europe so unless he waits till the summer and buys himself out there is absolutely no way fergie will sell him to City even if they offered 20 mill more than anyone else. The more you look at it it becomes clear we are the best option for him, maybe we could even throw a player in
  20. Return of the sellouts I havent heard this album yet but i saw a interview with them saying its going to be a grunge type of album which could be good. Im not holding my breath and expecting anything good though how can you go from making Red Morning Light and Holy Roller Novocaine to Use Somebody.
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