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  1. Absolutely delighted JT has signed. Massive relief. JT really is Mr Chelsea. Captain, Leader, Legend.
  2. Would like to apologise for my absence. Had an awful lot going on the last couple years and I'm even more busy now and mourning a family members death. (My nan, she's everything to me) But I'm hoping to be back on the forum a bit more soon and I'll try to post more than what I have been.
  3. Waste of a talent.. Completely throwing his career down the drain. I'd have joined Southampton or Ajax if I were him. Very successful youth systems, and some of the best players in history came from Ajax. Silly boy
  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Cahill but recent performances haven't quite been good enough. Definitely time for Zouma to get his chance I feel.
  5. Haven't seen any rumours about Barbosa joining either side recently tbh
  6. This is excellent news. Absolutely loving this. I know I haven't posted much as much as I used to, for a lot of reasons...... But there's nothing like a "World Exclusive" to change that haha. If this is true which I 100% believe that it is, I'm over the moon with it.
  7. Same here. NXT is the most enjoyable to watch & is better than RAW & Smackdown combined (and I never miss an episode of either, especially RAW)Credit to HHH who created NXT, maybe time for him to sort RAW out now, if Vince steps aside allows him to do it his way and not interfere. Highly doubt it though. The writing/creative for RAW & Smackdown has been absolutely terrible for some time now. One of the best things to come out of the main roster and in particularly RAW is Dean Ambrose IMO. Phenomenal at what he does.
  8. If the new plans are true then yes there's space. Decking over the district line would make space, it'd be a lot less crowded down Fulham Road etc..
  9. Very interesting indeed. Twickenham would be a good move whilst Stamford abridge is redeveloped. Always been my preference to remain at the Bridge so it's great to see we're moving forward with plans to redevelop.
  10. Lol. Don't take it so personally son. Pipe down. Appreciate what he's doing rather than the nagatives all the time.
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