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    Hmm seams a fair offer to me, i cant see uncle roman going for the 28 million buyout clause.
  2. BRMC


    I know Carlo has said no more signings but can anyone remember the amount we offered when we had a bid rejected for him?
  3. BRMC


    I really hope we dont sign him. Unless Carlo is 100% sure on him and he will make the first team. Its way to much money to spend on a kid who could be benched.
  4. I hope theres not going to be insults all season aimed at Carlo when he doesnt pick Kakuta or Sturridge.
  5. Very nice goal, what a way to start the season!
  6. Ran out of words years ago to describe Drogba he is just the man.
  7. 6th in the list of all time Chelsea goal scorers now
  8. I`ve been impressed with Mikel so far. I`d like to see Sturridge feature in the second half as the games nearly in the bag.
  9. Yeah i think they made a late decision on him last night, its very rare Franks out but i still fancy him to feature at some point in the match. 3 points is vital today
  10. Ok whos your favourite actor and why? For me its Al Pacino I like most films hes ever made and could watch him all day. Your turn
  11. BRMC


    We should stay well away from him in my opinion its causing us more trouble, we already have previous for tapping up players. "Meanwhile, Brazilian club Santos say they will report Chelsea to Fifa for an alleged illegal approach to Neymar, 18. "
  12. Looking forward to seeing his debut now, good signing.
  13. I think Yossi will be a good signing hes a very good squad player imo. I always liked him at liverpool as he seemed an honest lad who really does make a diffrence, so as said above he could be good when coming on off the bench. Also i assume all this moaning about his number is a joke? its of no relevance whatsoever!
  14. Id take the champions league and fa cup over the premiership.. actually maybe not. Either way i dont think City or Liverpool will cause us much trouble next season its going to come down to us and United again. The season after this one might be a diffrent story though. While we have the drog up front were unstoppable!
  15. Agreed definitely more to come from Kalou.
  16. Im around if you ever feel you want to cunt off Ferdinand
  17. Oasis - Whats the story Morning Glory
  18. A good price for him as he is getting older now. What a great buy he really was i will miss him alot, a seirously top defender! During the Mourinho days when our defence was really good him and JT had a great partnership. Im sure alot of people are split over who is/was better out of him and Terry but they are both rocks. I thought he would of moved last season so this does not really come as a surprise take care Riccy mate
  19. Mine is Tenacious D - Tribute http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pPbsuu0yqg
  20. Looks good. World at war was my favorite though
  21. I was in the bookies when i heard this and everyone let a gasp together. It really is a shock him leaving this close to the season it must be over the milner saga.. shame but we will definitely see him around again soon even if there arent any jobs around at the moment
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