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  1. Im prepared to give Kalou a chance this season, he finished the last season strong and yes it was a tap in he still got a goal yesterday.
  2. Sturridge was very impressive when he came on he should get some more game time this season. I was dissapointed when he didnt put Essiens wonder pass away but he made up for straight away so credit it to him. Oh yeah and Hernandez is a lucky boy! other than the facial he looked rubbish to me!
  3. BRMC

    John Terry

    Hes 29 its all going to be alright guys! The seasons not yet begun yet hes probably just a little rusty, give it a few weeks.
  4. Kakuta is just another kid trying to break into the first team to me. Hes done nothing for me so far i would choose Kalou any day of the week.
  5. haha, i`ve never heard that before was quite good!
  6. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=812653&sec=transfers&cc=5739
  7. Bands im into are; The Fratellis Oasis Mando Diao (swedish band) Dirty Pretty Things Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the classics like the kinks and the beatles. Propper rock n roll is this
  8. Robinson should of gone to South Africa in my opinion. No doubt he would of been third choice for the friendly so not much point him carrying on with England really now hes 30. Time to bring Hart through and make him the number 1.
  9. `Chelsea assistant manager Ray Wilkins has said he expects the deal to sign Benfica midfielder Ramires will be completed "pretty shortly".`
  10. Was a top player when at Barcelona but like said above he came to us a few years late. We saw a few glimpses from him like his goal against Portsmouth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7clVR0aA4f0
  11. Scrubs Mighty Boosh Extras Family Guy
  12. I reckon we will do them easy 2-0 Chelsea.
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