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  1. Id much rather him as prime minister instead of gordon brown
  2. As soon as i saw the move to Bolton i could tell it was a great move for all partys envolved. Hes playing under a good manager and hopefully regularly. Its strange i have a few mates who are city fans and they have been touting Sturridge as a future world beater for years yet hes still very young. I know he was supposed to be the dogs .. in citys youth setup. Anyway hope it works out for him and he comes back to us ready for the first team.
  3. EDL just have a few cunty members who follow them shouting things like "allah is a pedo". But im quite behind them and glad they are at least making a stand... HOWEVER.. wasnt the edl leader on newsnight very recently saying multiculturism hasnt failed??
  4. and adds some of this in while hes at it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovYWY4Pf9_M
  5. So impressed with this signing, imo its the most exciting weve made in my life time (20 years) great show of ambition from the club to let everyone know were still a force in the transfer market... I thought we would win the champs league and the f.a cup at the start of the season and this just confirms it for me.. He can play in the CL i take it? although i doubt the f.a cup???
  6. Fernando on his way to Chelsea HQ in a helicopter
  7. Hes a good player he finished last season strongly and from what i have seen of him this season (when he plays) he has done ok certainly no worse than others.
  8. While we are on the subject of not good enough players... >>>>>imo<<<<< Kakuta is the worst youngster i have seen in years at Chelsea, not his fault though its just people went way overboard expecting him to be the next messi which unfortunately has driven me to the point of hating him and wish he would leave our club.. As for Kalou he is great
  9. Ashley Cole for me. Chelsea and England are blessed to have a left back as good as him in the team.. this last year hes just backed up what everyone already knew that he is the best in the world
  10. I feel we have hit rock bottom now so the only way is up But in truth i have wanted a top 4 and the champions league trophy the whole time so as long as thats still possible its not quite a disaster. We need someone new in January!!! even if its just a loan
  11. 40mill who gives a shit hes a billionaire
  12. I`ll take a top 4 and winning the FA cup and Champions League this season
  13. Haha Arsenal the silly cunts wanted Barcelona and now they will be taught a lesson
  14. Drogbas had malaria though so its not his fault, id still take a recovering Drogba over any other forwards in the squad.
  15. So gutting and disapointing to watch us throw away our lead at the top of the table
  16. Photshop you can see the sun coming off his bonce and it looks like hes sat on the pitch
  17. Getting a bit of control now arent we? a defeat against a not bad side and weve condemned Carlo as a shit yes man who got lucky last season, bruma as the worst player today despite being a sub and so on and so forth... it was a bad day but were stilll top so i dont think were in a position to critisize untill that changes..
  18. IMO the squad is good enough and the fact were top of the table proves it, our mess up today is no diffrent to what the rest of our rivals have been doing all season
  19. True but i think Carlo would of walked had that been the case. Also the said players surely would of mentioned it. The truth is them players were released to allow us meet the new PL squad rules thats all. We could do with investing in some British talent like City have done our squad of 19 or so is very stretched.
  20. Considering he let them go im guessing he would
  21. The Chelsea squad is superb! id bet even united,arse,spurs and city fans would swap with us if they could. Problem is our injurys arent making life that easy for us at the moment. Our early season form was terrific and it made us feared and were still top so chill
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