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  1. Yeah like you said it just opinions a particularly nice goal by Ronaldo
  2. Your bound to get goals with Zidane feeding you passes.. But yeah he was a top forward shame for the injurys and weight problems, i wouldnt say he is the greatest ever but like said above one of the best of the last 20 years.
  3. Im yet to see him doing anything of note in a chelsea shirt. Still a lot of work to do edit: have we offered him a contract?
  4. He will inspire alot of the other kids to try their best, the fact he has been at the club since he was 8 and has now made the first team squad is fantastic.
  5. I got to say im not that impressed so far after a couple of listens, im sure i will start to like it a little better when i get over the fact it isnt the hybrid theory. I realise they want to experiment with their style which is all cool but i dont think this is for me. I preferred them a few years back.
  6. Sounds like they are back on form ill try get it tonight
  7. I still fancy Lamps to score. Been a comfortable first half, looking forward to seeing Ramires Although Mikel looks like he will be keeping him out the team for a while.
  8. We have got Newcastle at home, Spurs vs Arsenal also.
  9. For the last few seasons i`ve thought Madrid can spend as much as they like but they will never take the La Liga title from Barcelona but now Joses in town its a diffrent story. Despite the media writing them off i think he will win the league or champions league for them. It also seams hes desperate for the United job if the rumours are true he has a clause in his Madrid contract to be allowed to speak to United should the job come available.
  10. Hes refused to play tonight for Stoke to avoid being cup tied and annoyed Pulis in the process. Looks set for a move but its not just us intrested.
  11. We are in great form so i hope for a 3/4-0 win. I think Mikel will still start as he has earned it but looking forward to seeing Ramires in action. Quite a few days between now and the game though so he could still start if one of the regulars picks up a knock.
  12. Had Hargreaves even lived in England prior to him playing for the national team?
  13. I think he would get in to the first team probably at lamps expense. I know other countries like Germany do it but i cant see us going for it, as shit as we are at times lets keep it as just the englishmen. That being said i wouldnt boo him if he did play for us i really like him.
  14. Sounds like a mistake imo, most people on the internet are gutted about it. I`ve no idea if ill be losing it on virgin but i hope not i couldnt imagine my day without it.
  15. Sounds like a good read and with the proceeds going to charity i think i`ll buy one. I thought the bitter fergie part was pretty funny, with him refusing to talk to them so they just had a drink anyway and left.
  16. We should play him in all the league cup matches and maybe the fa cup depending on how far we get. Also try give him some champions league matches when we have qualified from the group stages and and just generally fill in when Ashley isnt available and hope he does well enough to earn more regular apearences. Theres no way hes going to make the team at the moment though Ashley and Malouda are on fire.
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