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  1. NO! Please Marina, NO! Demiral or nothing
  2. Werner Havertz As the song says: "Ma il Cielo è sempre più Blu" (But the Sky is always more Blue)
  3. Paying full amount of the clause is different to "pay the clause" https://www.101greatgoals.com/news/psg-set-offer-player-barcelona-avoid-neymar-release-clause-tax/
  4. That's for sure. Therefore is important to have the agreement with the player. And try to have good relationships with the club that sells, to avoid getting the deposit of the clause
  5. I hope not to say nonsense, but i think there is a difference between "paying the clause" and "paying the amount of the clause".. Let me explain: if the buyer pays the clause directly, without agreements with the club that sells, he must also pay the related taxes. If, on the other hand, the buyer agrees with the club that sells and pays the quantity of the clause, without depositing the clause, he pays only the agreed one. For example, if i remember correctly, PSG being unable to negotiate with Barcelona for the bad relations between the clubs, had paid something like 60 million m
  6. For me already 40 are too many... 60 would be madness.
  7. Would try with Juventus for Demiral... Sarri wants Jorginho and Emerson, we ask in return Demiral and money. If they insist with Bernardeschi and De Sciglio, many greetings and goodbye
  8. You took away my enthusiasm. Joking aside, you certainly know him better than me. Hope it goes well
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