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  1. Not angry neither. We are too weak to face this kind of team. The question is what should we do for the second match ? Play with a B or C squad and maybe take a stronger humiliation but rest our players to focus our top 4 ? Or risk to play with our main players with zero chance to have a qualification ?
  2. Lampard deserves to stay at least a second season with propers players whatever the end of the season. When I see this Chelsea team played I’m bitter sweet. Sweet because we play good football, attractive, attacking. I find our football is more interesting under Lampard than under Sarri. Under Sarri its was always the same, it was just boring to watch. We had possesion ok but we made side pass and side pass during the majority of the match. And Bitter because we have an evident lack of quality on our front line and some defensive correction to make. We lost our best playe
  3. Napolo has bought 2 strikers this windows, Politano from Inter and Andre Petagna last night. Maybe Mertens remplacement ?
  4. Giroud is not the thing, Giroud is agreed with all deal lmao The problem has always been Chelsea.
  5. Ok if they give Immobile back
  6. Maybe just because Jovic is not for sell or loan ? He is the only back up to Benz. Do you really think a club like Real Madrid will let go their only backup ?
  7. Mertens even this year has 16 games, 9 goals, 2assist. All day long i take this guy, it's really what we need in this moment.
  8. So all our tactis must depends of Reece James's cross ? What's the problem with Mertens ? We need a clinical finisher and a clutch player and he is. He is very complementary to Abraham and can play ST/CAM// winger The only fear is his adaptation to PL but he is a very good player.
  9. Its funny i just would say the opposite. People thinking Mount don’t deserve credit don’t know a clue about football. The boy work very hard without the ball, moving very well between the lines etc. Saying his skills, passing and decision are weak are just a lie. He has maybe a lack of quality in the finishing area or some bad decision yes but his style of play require a lot of energy so it’s understandable he has waste in his game. The fact is Kovacic-Kante-Jorginho are all solid, i love the three but they are not good to score goals. Our wingers neither, in any
  10. Ayioros


    No that's deserved for Willian. Pulisic and CHO are too young and need to prove, we will see next seasons wich deserved more between us. In the meantime Willian is a loyal soldier, and deserve respect even his performance was not so good.
  11. http://kickofgoal.com/club-friendlies-stream-salzburg-vs-chelsea-31-07-19/
  12. Stop inventing bullshit, absolutely none of these sentences was said. Neither Courtois, Zidane or Navas. Courtois is a cunt no doubt but no need to overstate. He just said "I think the hierarchy is clear". We are very far of "Zidane will choose me" , "no single doubt" or "clear as water" And Zidane never said he needs to shup. Did you really believe something like that ? By the way the mention "clear as water" come not from Courtois but from Zidane refere his decision to not keep Bale...
  13. This is unbelievable. How a profesionnal football club can make this kind of decision ? This group has played 3 days ago, only 3 fucking days after a whole season. Muscular injury was sooo predictable and we play with our starting XI. I have see rumors who reports that its not Sarri but the board who imposed to play with our best players. Maybe a commercial contract I don't know but if it's true, heads should fallen. At this level it is no longer incompetence , it's pur treason.
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