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  1. feel bad for him. hope he gets back to his best form.
  2. so what happens if he suck too? we will have two keepers with 4+ years remaining contract
  3. wow he named the donkey after rudiger
  4. honsetly who cares about stupid videos about the new signings. just announce him.
  5. i just care about ziyech after this game
  6. we gave them luiz and cech, they can do us some favors back...
  7. romano, dimarzio and the rest of them are not even close to woj or shams so i automatically never fully trust them 100%.
  8. i am more hyped about this transfer than chillwells ;D
  9. again, there is no way that messi will ask for these wages from a new club. so it doesnt really matter what his wages were this past season. lets assume his wages will be 500k/w from city. thtats roughly 25 million a year. thats not too hard to cover with 1 transfer and ffp is done with. i highly doubt any club would go over 500k for him, and if he really wants to leave he for sure knows he wont get that 1m/w salary anywhere, so his basically agreed already for a lowered salary. and if he cant leave for free he wont leave at all. also, didnt they say that ffp is no
  10. how is ffp relevant when he would join on a free transfer.
  11. i too dont want messi in chelsea. would rather watch abraham miss 5 chances every game.
  12. next monday. sign messi, keep kepa every game 9-7
  13. why would his wages be a problem? if he really wants to leave the club he will surely accept a lower salary. he knows he wont get a million a week anywhere else. btw i am really enjoying that barca is getting fucked. fucking hate them so much.
  14. would love to see him in the pl. no way in hell its better if he joins united over city. keep the utd scums struggling.
  15. i dont know about captain... also this means that james is above azpiliceuta
  16. why is this always an argument when someone criticizes a woman.
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