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  1. relax, hes my favorite player, but he was really bad.
  2. my dick is THROBBING right now THROBBING
  3. havertz has to give up a chance to opposition every game huh
  4. im not worried about him at all.
  5. i can already see us not winning in newcastle.
  6. for me it's funny how some people are happy with two 0-0 draws like thats an improvement after those 3-3 and 4-1 4-0 and such games. why cant we have both sides of the coin. it's like its an unrealistic expectation, and we should be happy with what we have. like we are fucking palace or something.
  7. we could not create two chances vs a team who got destroyed by palace and tottenham.
  8. i really hope someone will ask him about cho and kovacic. and why abraham over giroud...
  9. if i had to chose between kovacic and lampard im choosing kovacic.
  10. well the 36 year old cb has to teach them since their coach cant.
  11. there is one thing that those clubs have what we dont...
  12. im really really curious what is this doing on trainings? what are they doing there, what is lampard teaching them. this has gone for one and a half years now, nothing has changed since his first game. it's unbelivable. especially in defense. after some times you have to ask questions, it's not on the individuals anymore. how does the opponent creates so many good chances? whats going on.
  13. the goal was zoumas fault, not kepas. but i can already see the spainard will be blamed.
  14. kantes passing has really regressed since sarri has left.
  15. that 0-3 at ht vs wba doesnt look that bad now
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