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  1. and what will we gain by being lets say in the semi-finals of the super league? more money? i, for example dont care about the money at all. so, since we will be out from the race for a pl champion in november, why would i care about the team until august, since if we are unable to win the pl, theres a decent chance we will not win the super league either. for me, the super league will be on the level of the carabao or fa cup when speaking in terms of excitement and giving fucks. so very very close to zero.
  2. fuck yeah fuck mike dean. won against 12 men
  3. really happy liverpool is out. hate them more than anything.
  4. we play too defensively. not even a chance for a counter-attack since no one is going forward.
  5. fantastic goal from havertz. im so happy
  6. i hope his confidence will not suffer just like after last internationals
  7. thiago silva motm. biggest impression for me this game.
  8. rudiger is a crazy madafaka. he will fuck us over soon i can already see
  9. ziyech is scoring tonight, at least two.
  10. so slow in the attack. every time. kante is motm already no matter what happens
  11. we've been really unlucky so far.
  12. we are not getting haaland lol
  13. opened up a lot of space for havertz. shame for that chance at the end.
  14. took tuchel one month to find him the proper role and position. not a good look on frank.
  15. so will ziyech or havertz play instead of mount in that cam position. i kinda like the potential of ziyeches passing in counter-attack and in general. much more lethal than mount. he can create so much more and can be a dangerous player from distance. set-pieces too. big weakness will be tracking back and covering in which mount is much much better than ziyech. i would play werner az a sole striker with two fast wingers pulisic and hudson-odoi. i think we will need james' defense on rwb since logically they would have to attack more. i am not sure if havertz would be a good option t
  16. nah i would just wait what @Muzchap has to say about this one.
  17. unbeliveable amount of missplaced passes. as if they are playing first time together.
  18. how many times did we had a too strong of a pass. has to be at least 5 times now
  19. kante was not that bad. he had some missplaced passes per usual but he did won back a lot. anyways, i dont mind the manager who calls out a player for awful body language and bad attitude, but i dont like it that he used hudson-odoi as an example. surely there were better candidates for that. but maybe (probably) he knows what he's doing, maybe it's not a coincidence that he decided hudson-odoi to sub. one and the most obvious thing that i dont like about tuchel is alonso. other than that he's tall, i dont see how is he better than chilwell in anything. so frustrating.
  20. time to change the manager again. who do you recommend?
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