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  1. main problem with the squad is exhaustion. and the injuries did not help with that. the worst is just yet to come. havertz and werner should be on the bench next game, i dont care who replaces them.
  2. havertz and james have not zero but negative chemistry on the right side.
  3. ffs if i hate something then its short corners
  4. hes missing these chances ever since i picked him in fpl
  5. pulisic is so selfish. was against sevilla too...
  6. havertz is the worst player on the pitch
  7. nice first play secured. play blackman, kakuta, van ginkel, baker and drinkwater in the last game.
  8. why the fuck does hi puts in werner? playing with fire
  9. i feel so bad for him. finally he got to play for his dream club and he barely made 3 consecutive appearances.
  10. im not worrying about him. he does a lot of stuff other than getting in to chances. it's good until he gets into chances.
  11. just score the second stop fucking around
  12. anyone noticed that we dont miss azpilicueta at all
  13. werner is barely involved. probly a bit tired now
  14. found the solution for him https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/jpn6nn/i_put_kepa_up_front_for_psg_heres_what_happened/
  15. sub off werner now knowing frank he will either play the full 90 minutes or get subbed at 85
  16. they totally neutralized our fullbacks. 0 danger from there so far.
  17. relax, hes my favorite player, but he was really bad.
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