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  1. basically a much much better rudiger.
  2. 100 million for grealish, who we doesnt even need. fucking kill me
  3. some say on twitter we agreed on personal terms with him.
  4. lets go croatia. our english boys need to get back to the team asap ;D
  5. hakimi and lukaku both scoring tonight.
  6. alright, prime maicon? isnt that a bit too much
  7. what do you guys think of ramos?
  8. whats going on with strakosha? also, why are we always go after these not proven cb-s. just go after varane or laporte if they really want to leave.
  9. who the fuck is going to buy kepa. cant see that. btw im happy if he stays our second keeper.
  10. this is talk Chelsea after all
  11. this is my wish too. but with laporte instead of lacroix.
  12. really feel bad for kdb. they were even more dangerous after he left the game. lahoz was great. i can totally imagine some anthony taylor dickhead fucks us in the ass for some reason. fuck all the corrupted referees and the fa.
  13. i am so conviced that we are losing that im not even nervous.
  14. what about lautaro? isnt he better and younger than lukaku
  15. its a waste using james on cb imo.
  16. i would sell cho. i dont think he has the mentality for a top top player. ziyech is the one i would give another six months chance. and go for jadon instead of lukaku.
  17. city has de bruyne, a guy who can get you on a 1v1 vs a keeper from any position. our midfield is nowhere near creative as he is, neither our wingers are goalscorers like mahrez or even sterling.
  18. i was not thinking about only a striker. there is no goalscorer in our 11 tonight. 0. also, maybe this was explained already but why is azpi playing rwb and james cb. we are taking away from ourselves james' crossing...
  19. you can say this for about 90% of our games since diego costa was sold.
  20. what a disgusting feeling that spurs saved our assess. taking a shower now
  21. i have more belief in crystal palace than us.
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