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  1. we are lucky to get this one point. if it wasnt for that stupid tackle by ings we would not score for three days.
  2. alonso is so bad. so bad. i would sub him now
  3. i mean, you can say we are the reason why they were poor. can you imagine 0 goals conceded with lampard as the manager? i cant. theres clear improvement on both sides of the pitch. how long it will last is the question.
  4. we are so bad at shooting the ball on goal.
  5. when we fuck up and lose, i bet tuchel will shake up the team.
  6. werner reminded me of hazard with that run.
  7. wonder if him integrating jorginho, alonso and rudiger back in to the team has something to do with him trying to get the veterans on his side from the beginning...
  8. i hope someone asks him about ziyech and zouma.
  9. i would have more faith in thiago if he was alone in the defense than all our other defenders combined.
  10. a im really confused about zoumas situation in the last month.
  11. he will surely get another chance at a bigger club if he continues like this.
  12. well of course when they know they will get sacked after max two seasons. i cant see nagelsmann joining mid-season. same with hasenhuttl and rodgers. when was the last time a manager changing team in mid-season and in the same divison...im terrible with memory. tuchel seems like the most obvious choice. sheva did a good job with ukraine nt...and is a good friend with abramovich
  13. go to curacao and get hiddink to london asap
  14. why not. last time barcelona was any good was with him. even with spain he dominates. messi rates him highly. if not him then nagelsmann. anyways, lampard will not get sacked anytime soon so this is useless to talk about now.
  15. what about luis enrique. surely he can do two jobs at once.
  16. can you guys imagine how will our play look with lampard against simeones defense. it will be a comedy show.
  17. 0 goals scored vs liverpool tottenham united and now arsenal so far this season. lmao
  18. to summerize: james is playing injured chilwell is playing injured havertz was playing oop most of the season werener was playing oop most of the season abraham keeps playing over giroud who is miles better jorginho is coming on with 0-2 down did i forget something?
  19. he wont get sacked im 100% sure. even if we lose 6-0.
  20. werner in a wheelchair is more useful than abraham.
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