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  1. this seems like dortmund is begging us to send a big offer.
  2. ok since kounde is a bust, who we buying as his replacement
  3. wednesday: shitting on the incoming player.
  4. he was by far the player who ran the most from their attackers in the euros. i dont think that would be a problem with him.
  5. if he wants to move so hard to Chelsea, he would force the move now.
  6. can you see him agreeing to be a sub? i cant.
  7. whats the point of getting hazard back?
  8. only thing why would i be ok with rice is that he can play cb too.
  9. lets hope by doing nothing that the situation will change
  10. count out his wages too. how much would they save? even if they bring someone in his place. idk, if i was them i would sell him now for sure money. also, you never know with injuries.
  11. they are really stupid. turning down 120-140 millions just to sell him later for 75. like they have a chance at winning anything other than the german cup.
  12. fight for top 4 again, and zero titles if i count out supercup and cwc.
  13. i agree about griezmann but without the obligation, because that can be really bad if he ends up being bad.
  14. as i said twitter (or 13 yo, its the same) 'insults'. lmfao im as far cou can be from a messi fan.
  15. pessi? what is this twitter? just because they are poorly run they can still win titles.
  16. this is obvious for everyone except for our board it looks like.
  17. i disagree with everyone here regarding barcelona. i think they made some good transfers this window and i think they are the clear favorites for the la liga next year. they are really deep with quality players all around the team except maybe the cb position.
  18. jesus christ will something happen already. the pl is starting in exacly one month.
  19. fuck me thats bad. im still saying we should buy him even if we dont buy another player this window.
  20. who the fuck is haalands dad that he needs to get paid too?
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