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  1. why would his wages be a problem? if he really wants to leave the club he will surely accept a lower salary. he knows he wont get a million a week anywhere else. btw i am really enjoying that barca is getting fucked. fucking hate them so much.
  2. would love to see him in the pl. no way in hell its better if he joins united over city. keep the utd scums struggling.
  3. i dont know about captain... also this means that james is above azpiliceuta
  4. why is this always an argument when someone criticizes a woman.
  5. lol this is so fucking stupid. playing uniteds 3rd choice now? rather give kepa another chance
  6. am i tripping or oblak said he will make a decision on his future after they get knocked out of the cl?
  7. any friendlies arranged already? cant find it on the official site
  8. there is no way that it will get announced on sunday.
  9. so chillwell plays on the left and then who will play on the right? im really curios what will lampard do.
  10. hope gigi and the baby will be ok.
  11. ture. still think he would be a decent option. he's also a great leader which we are really lacking.
  12. idk 1 would rather want a world class 36 yo player than our limp defenders. if he regresses just bench him and he will leave in one year. then next year go after upamecano.
  13. i suggested thiago silva here like a month ago and then @Vesper jumped on me how he's already 47 year old
  14. i find it unbeliveable that our board cant give extra 5 or 10 million to buy a future world class footballer who has agreed personal terms with the club a month ago but are willing to pay 40-50-60-70 million pounds on average english players year after year. and someone has the nerve to praise the fraud marina. want to vomit every time i see her picture.
  15. depennds on how much the buy-back price is. if its like 70-80 million, sure let them have it. if it's like 30 or 40 they can go fuck themselves
  16. is this the time to move for ter stegen?
  17. gonna win this 1-6. werner hattrick, abraham and azpilicueta goals with alaba own goal.
  18. who the fuck is tsimikas and why is he suddenly a pl quality player from olympiacos or whatever.
  19. feel bad for him. looks like a good guy but hard to work with
  20. i will judge him after the next season if he remains healthy of course
  21. when will this be announced? next week?
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