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  1. Can’t understand why we don’t seem interested in Gabriel Jesus. He is quick, knows the Premiership and is the right age. Let Lukaku go back to Italy and spend £50 million of the money on Jesus — I think he would be an ideal fit.
  2. Think the point about some defenders having an eye on their future has some merit. The Premiership needs 110% effort and concentration. Who let Rudi,Aspi,Christianson all run their contracts down at the same time ? Not saying they are not trying but can’t be the 110% needed when part of their mind is on when they are moving, new houses, new club pre season etc. Meanwhile we can’t even talk to replacements !! I just pray the sale is sorted sooner rather than later !!
  3. Totall agree and Tuchel is an “ elite coach”. However he doesn’t seem able to change tactics when our standard way of playing is not working. I can just about take the losing but let’s play with a bit of heart and positive tactics
  4. Good point — but we have got 10 in the chart for completing the most back passes !!
  5. I know many will disagree but Lukaku is a proven goal scorer but we have totally knocked the confidence out of him, because we don’t get him the ball early enough. In the same way as we ruined other centre forwards — Morata and Tammy to name but 2 !! We could sign Haarland ( not that we will) but if we take 20 minutes to get the ball out of our half, we would ruin him too
  6. Hate to say it but we are a country mile behind City and Liverpool. Jorginho ,Reece, RLCheek to name but 3 all play the ball backwards/sideways 9 out of 10 times. Werner won’t take any responsibility and Havertz just looks miserable!!! We are clueless going forward and just soooo boring to watch
  7. No urgency, no threat, no forward motion. As I say time and time again we spend way too long passing the ball sideways and backwards— but NOT forwards. Individual errors yet again. Too many players at the core of the team who know they are leaving. We shouldn’t kid ourselves , Everton deserved it. Top 4 looking ever more difficult!!
  8. The look on the faces of Zinchenko and Mykolenko yesterday was gut renching . They may be safe, but I am sure they have family who are currently far from safe. I know this is a football forum, but what is going on currently transcends all sport. I hope our players can lift themselves this afternoon as a farewell gift to Roman. Then as much as it saddens me, I think he should sell the club. The conflict could go on for many months and many will wrongly view Chelsea as guilty by association. However unfair on the club, our name and standing in the game will be diminished. Roman — thank you so,so
  9. Such a sad, sad day. Thoughts must be with the people of Ukraine and the people on all sides who will loose their lives. As other have said before me, it could also have major repercussions for the club that we all love. I guess we can only watch and wait .
  10. I’ve said this before, but if ever a player should be kept on as a coach ( assuming he wants to stay) it’s Thiago. Nobody could be a better example to young players on positioning, tackling, keeping your body in total condition and how to lead by example. A very special player
  11. It seems to be getting worse by the minute. The biggest concern is obviously for the people of Ukraine who must be very worried about the fate of their country. But also a worrying time for the short-term future of our club
  12. I did make this point under another topic but — in my opinion the current Ukraine situation could have massive repercussions for our club. Roman has been an amazing owner of our club but as a known close associate of Putin, he is likely to get the full might of any business and personal sanctions. Putin may even put pressure on Roman to cut ties with the U.K ???? We all pray it doesn’t happen but it must be the single biggest worry for all Blues supporters
  13. I’ve not seen it mentioned anywhere but is anyone else concerned about the possible effect on our long term stability of things going on in Ukraine ? We have a Russian owner who is apparently very close to Putin. Roman could be hit with all sorts of business and personal sanctions in the coming months. Could this change his desire to own a football club in the U.K. He has been a great owner for our club, I hope that doesn’t change, but am I alone in being worried ?
  14. Also agree squad needs complete overhaul in summer . Goodbye to Loftus-Cheek, Barclay,Alonso, Pulisic, Christiansen and for me Jorginho. Bring back Connor G and Broja and sign at least 2 “world class” players. Also stop messing about and sign “Rudi” to a new deal.
  15. I think Rudi has been “world class” but we seem to be doing our best to loose him, also N’Golo can still be “ world class” when fully fit. As for the rest , we have some good Premiership players, but they have not shown themselves as “world class”, yet !! I hate to say it, but agree with comment that we are miles behind City and Pool — they both play football that any neutral would want to watch. In contrast we are predictable, boring and so, so slow in our build-up
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