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  1. it's an imposter which I would take immediately.
  2. Hakimi is a RB or RW, so he take the place of RJ or azpi (yes he can play also LB)
  3. do you consider so much Haaland because his stats on goals, or because you have seen him play? if you have, what skills him has?
  4. Unfortunately too many looks only stats: scores and assists and so was for Morata and Werner, IMO you should look before at skills and technique of a player and than at stats, the numbers can be vary for many reasons!
  5. ahead I consider untouchable only Havertz and Mount, all the others with the right offers the others can go! CHO will need a season out, while ziyech, werner,abraham, pulisic and giroud are all salable. put out 2-3 of them and take in 1-2 like sancho or a striker Pulisic for me is no more than a sub, now he could have some opportunity to play cos the other players in his role are weak how he is. For exemple: sell ziyech, giroud and abraham. CHO out on loan. take: sancho and another. team: mount, havertz, pulisic,sancho, werner and the second purchase ( 6 total)
  6. only I have the feeling tha our attacking players don't talk each other?
  7. IMO Ziyech is not good enough, but neither Pulisic is a top player! At Chelsea he could be at least a sub.
  8. Why has Chilwell to slow down every action?
  9. Felix + Lewa will be a good duo. Out: giroud, tammy and ziyech
  10. Ziyech + £45M will be a good swap for me
  11. i don't understand what someone sees in him, offer nothing! some goals shouldn't make forgetting all the rest.
  12. this defeat is all on TT. 1) we can't move the ball enough fast and to ahead. 2) Pulisic, CHO, Mount can't create nothing... so why take off havertz? take off pulisic and keep in 2 players into the area. 3) disappointed from several players, also james, chilwell, pulisic...
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