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  1. so what do you intend for special player? what should he do? Havertz has definitely some weaks which i hope he works about, like physical and determination, at my eyes I look him and he seems too relaxed, limp. if he worked he could improve a lot. Havertz is a N.10, an advanced playmaker, not one like sane, gnabry, mbappe or similar. Who aspected from him dribbling, shoots etc has taken the wrong player and hasn't seen playing for BL.
  2. what do you mean for "special"? just to have an idea
  3. it's beautiful to see how majority of you don't have understood yet what kind of player havertz is
  4. maybe it's not fault of TT, but our attacking players easily are not good enough
  5. I know how gengerpressing works, but if you win the ball ahead, the opposing team will defend lower, closing the space and we have always the same problem, nobody of our players is able to create opportunity for score.
  6. IMO is a easy answers we know how to defence well and some opportunity with the teams who attack us we can create. With teams who defend in ordinary way and careful we can't unluck them.
  7. i know his importance, he would certainly have improved our midfield but still our capacity to create opportunity to score wouldn't
  8. No, i don't say that he couldn't have done much better, but i think our attacking players are only shit! tell me what would have you done? No one of our attacking players are able to dribble to opposite, create superiority or shoot. as I say i would giva a change to gilmour.
  9. tuchel has its flaws , yes but what he could do? put Kante? Our midfielder in inconsistent and zero creativity, give a opportunity to gilmour is ugly? attacking midfielders are unable to dribblate and create superiority: ziyech, Pulisic but also werner and CHO. We need at least 2 upgrade this summer: i hope in someone like aguero and dybala. Ziyech out for sure!
  10. I would try Gilmour to put in more creativity and put mount ahead
  11. I'd like to see something like this: zouma- christiensen- rudiger CHO- Kovacic- gilmour- chilwell Mount- pulisic Giroud(havertz)
  12. Idk, i don't be so sure, yes at BM misses some great players as Lewa or Gnabry, but also in the first game without them have lost but BM have dominated the match, look the stats. Don't think that will be easy for PSG.
  13. kai looks like he is playing a thursday oratory's game, when someone more ager play with the kids and doesn't want score. Today should have scored 3-4 goals
  14. what a goal havertz was about to do!
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