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  1. A tactical master, and appasionate for this sport like very few others. I Just love him. I hope to have him many time here.
  2. Has been a lot of time since i wrote here for last time, and I think that there is not better moment to do it again than this. Congratulations to all Chelsea fans for our 6th title. Personally, is the 5th title that i have seen win to the team, and i'm as happy as I was with the first one. Many good things start now. Next season, Europe waits for us.
  3. I really hope that they can finish with his differences. We need them in the same direction, they are our main men this season.
  4. Thanks Roberto Martinez for not have sell us this guy. What a flop. 55M
  5. Someday i said that when he focuses on play and not in fight, is a machine. Well, right now he has put all of his effort on play, and we have the best 9 in Europe. Completely beast.
  6. I love him. Just that.
  7. The most brainless player ever. Could have thrown to shit our excellent performance with his stupidity in that tackle.
  8. Thanks to god we never sign this man. Most overrated player ever.
  9. What a fucking beast!! A best ball player Makelele.
  10. For me, he is good, but i'm not sure that he is good enough to be starter in a team like Chelsea. I've to say that I talk for what I see of him in the NT. I don't follow him on PSV. But in any case, i see as a nonsense bring him to play as left back. If you need a left back, buy a pure left back, ffs.
  11. Thanks god Juve didn't accept. Pay 90M for Pogba, would have been the straw that broke the camel, in that shit of season.
  12. + = Keep calm guys, Nemanja will stay, and together with Kante, will destroy all midfield in England And then, in Europe.
  13. At his age, the most important thing, is play. He needs play to improve, to grow up as a player. Here, his main position, is in the place that Hazard takes, that means a few opportunities to the kid. This loan will be perfect to him.
  14. What a signing!! Welcome N'Golo!.
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