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  1. but but, he scored the world cup winner
  2. Have to agree, took the easy road instead of pushing himself to the next level by joining a Russian team. It's a rare combination, his amazing defensive capabilities with a more than descent technique, just feel whenever I see him play that i'm watching a slowmotion replay of a game. Nevertheless Mou got the sloppyness out of hazard's game and imo brought Matic to a higher level, Witsel is the same rough diamond. Good signing if he ups his game Bad signing if he continues the way he's at zenit and the NT.
  3. Unless boga is coming along the pre season, it's once more a disencouraging move towards the youth, what are we waiting for in lines of really bringing in some youth instead of buying/dragging mid table players like cuadrado, Moses and salah? Our very own Messi? Could take a few years
  4. would like to see a few of these kids get a shot, see how they perform while "forming" the squad for the upcoming season.
  5. Was thinking he would be joining the tour, don't know when Oscar, Willian and Cuadrado will return to the team so i guess Charly will be training with the big guys until their break is over.
  6. i'm not sure but will Oscar, Willian and Cuadrado be back by then? Might be a great occasion to see Charly in action.
  7. Haven't read the books, and can't help but wonder why this series is popular besides the seasonal-"mouth open"-shock. Enjoying other series alot more atm.
  8. Starting to believe I can predict who's going to die each season, the one who they make you sympathise the most, same recipe for each season. Disappointed tho, only 2/10 episodes were descent for season 5.
  9. at the end of season 2012-2013 the evolution of praet and massimo Bruno was called the shame of the belgian league, their coach at the time didn't push them enough. As I see it, first team experience or not, musonda is ahead in every aspect but physiciality on praet.
  10. had it with his mentality, atm the belgian press is hearing him out, dude's been claiming he's becoming a complete striker and could play anywhere. Sorry pal your finishing is excellent, but everything else is still a disaster.
  11. Couldn't agree more, all of this shouldn't have been in the media.
  12. That is Indeed a way to break a young guy like that.
  13. Was very good in the Thailand game, as was musonda, the two youth players whom deserved it the most to start today and that's maybe just my opinion, got an unsatisfying 10minutes at the end of the game. I really don't understand how jose's line of thought is on this, there must be things going on in professional football that I just don't have a clue about. And i don't think i'm the only one with this on my mind.
  14. Tbh I watched the game afterwards in bad quality with no sound and I thought this kid was matic having an amazing game One to watch
  15. Made great effort to track back on that right flank, that's usually a football intelligence that comes with age as a flank player Still very RAW tho Showed balls in initiative gotta give him that and I still believe he can be an iniesta type of midfielder.
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