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  1. So now we are stuck with a back up LB/WB whose most notable accomplishment in club football is pissing off the most populous nation on the face of the earth. Congratuwelldone.
  2. The rumors of our supposed "need" to sign homegrown players are greatly exaggerated. We are currently using only 14 of our 17 HG slots. One of these is being wasted on our 3rd string Goalkeeper, Eduardo. I'm nearly certain there is better value and quality to be had with non-homegrown players in this market, which makes our obsession with Chamberlain and Drinkwater all the more puzzling/frustrating.
  3. To put some perspective on the Cubs defeating the Cardinals in the playoffs, it is essentially the baseball version of our defeat of Arsenal in the 03/04 Champions League.
  4. I've been an organ donor since I was of age to participate. Outside of religious objections, everyone should participate in this program. Like the saying goes: you can't take it with you. PS Good to see you on here Vincent. I hope you are well.
  5. Just one of the many joys of internet football forums
  6. He has insane raw physical abilities, but still seems to struggle judging the flight of balls in the air, which puts us in some very dangerous situations.
  7. First of all, GET IN THERE! A few thoughts and observations: The midfield, Matic in particular, was quality for the most part and especially after we took the lead. Our pressing toward the end of the first half was fantastic. We thoroughly unsettled their keeper, backline, and deeper midfield players. Unfortunately, we didn't come away with anything to show for it. The Cahill "handball" non-calls were probably correct. The first incident clearly hit him on the shoulder, and the second would've been very harsh, though I've seen penalties given in similar situations. Both were by no means "st
  8. Nice analogy. Folks, I think we've found the Tacitus of the TC forum .
  9. Back to defend my title. Heavy is the head....
  10. From a Chilean newspaper. Due to my lack of familiarity with South American periodicals, I am unable to give you an idea of the reliability of this rumor.
  11. Interestingly enough, the scousers do seem to be adopting this approach, or at least a variation of it.
  12. But they only want the first bite, and throw away the rest.
  13. They might as well just let a room full of smoking monkeys* manage. The product on the pitch would be about the same, and the touchline antics would be a sight to behold. *Yes, this is a Simpsons reference.
  14. This is essentially the only scenario where I'd be alright with Manure getting Vidal.
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