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  1. Can I presume that Emanelo was responsible for the masterstroke capture of old Djtrollydollybrolly from St Ettiene? Marvellous piece of work, just splendid.
  2. Aye. exactly, no issues with Arneson whatsoever. Top rep, well respected, compare that with Emanalo, I mean, ffs. It's like Villa and this 'transfer committee', I mean wtf? It does make you giggle though, the thought of Emanelo dealing with Clough or Fergie. Fergie, after all, don't need no Director of Football to make shite signings, he can do that all by himself, I give you Kleberson and raise you Djemba Djemba
  3. For a youth team that, in the real world is so reknowned, I know what you mean.
  4. Not long. Which is why the club's infrastructure has to change. May sound old fashioned but, in my opinion, the manager should be the recruiter, as long as it falls within the confines of the laid down budget. Fuck all this Director of Football bollocks. And Emanelo just gives me the hump. In my mind, he is in the same pile as Avram. If you must have a Director of Football then surely someone who knows the score, knows the system. Older managers who don't want the day to day responsibility, Fergie, Redknapp, Walter Smith. That way they still keep their hand in. Can only imagine the response if
  5. I've been saying Hughes since for the last three or four years. Need to overlook his days at the basket case that is QPR because they are just a load of fucked up bollocks. Unlucky to get binned from Citeh and doing a blinding job at Stoke. He wouldn't allow players to take the piss and he is Chelsea through and through. He deserves the chance. And Pardew, why not? Maybe it's time to look left field.
  6. Got FM16 from the missus for my xmas. Just started it last night. Obviously chose Chels and, wanting it be as real life as is possible and to relay my feelings, I binned Michael Emenalo on Mutual Termination, had to pay the cunt 2.2M in Comp, fucking cunt of a man. Currently trying out the tried and tested 4,2,3,1. Few players are going to binned in the coming hours.
  7. Marginally better in the second half. Matic, Matic WFT? It wasn't even as if he was one on one, he had support to his right.
  8. early signs ain't good. Woodwork twice already. If they score then we are fucked because, so far, we are offering 3/5th's of fuck all up front. Dead ball will be our best (only) chance.
  9. If we lose today.......and other results go against us (Swansea, Norwich and Newcastle win), we'll start the New Year in the bottom three. Shuddering thought.
  10. Tony Cascarino on talkSPORT just now. Explaining what the Marseilles owner done when he felt the team were under performing. He spoke to the firm and got the main faces to get onto the team coach and give the players dogs abuse. Maybe Hiddink should give it a go if it goes badly tomorrow
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