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  1. no stream working for me, one of those days? fuck it
  2. sopcast got broken, stream anyone please?
  3. that's not bad luck, that's Kalou lol
  4. that should have been yellow wtf!
  5. lovely, lovely cross from Kalou three PL goals for Ess, three headers lol
  6. dear me how frustrating is to see Frank only in stands at the Bridge
  7. Ooooh Duffer, you simply cannot hate him or anything like that.
  8. I haven't noticed Kalou yet. Hopefully we will hear about him later regarding the scorers.
  9. Shame the Manchester derby is played at the same time, could be a good game. Let's hope it will be full of red cards, dirty tackles etcetera lol. Come on Chelsea, let's destroy Cottagers, get back on winning track!
  10. The first half was disapoointing, in the second we played better which was not surprising. We needed to attack plus Liverpool just wanted to hold on the lead which I understand. Still top of the league, still the best offensive, still the best defensive. It would be mad to think we will win every single big game. They are not the only decisive games in the title chase. Just destroy Fulham, get back on winning track.
  11. Going to pub with the very best Czech Chelsea fans Expect lots of scousers there as well, hopefully our guys will give us something to cheer about. Come on Chels!
  12. Essien is the key if we want to pick three points, so fingers crossed he will make it. His presence is vital at Anfield. As regards Lampard, Carlo only hoped, so he was not sure about his fitness. Just give Frank his rest, don't rush him back. I'd rather miss him this week at Anfield than in another 10 games.
  13. That's what I mean - they both are strikers and know what the best place to be is. However sometimes his corners end up by the first post, cleared by the first defender.
  14. Not just free-kicks, even corners, unless they are taken by Yuri. Otherwise I am seriously pissed off when I see Drogba or Anelka taking a corner. But what's even worse when Drogba takes a set-piece almost from the half-line! Why on earth
  15. Malouda is out of this game, as Carlo just announced. After that he will be ready though. Zhirkov to replace him? If Lamps is ready, then definitely, as he is on form. I bet Carlo is thinking of giving the place to Kalou as well.
  16. Malouda to miss Liverpool game, Lampard - there is still hope
  17. well, 5 CL goals which makes it even better lol he scored in every single CL group stage game so far
  18. Ivan is on top goalscoring form. And we are heading to Anfield...hang on
  19. Ivan on top goalscoring form - 3 goals in 2 matches. And we are heading to Anfield and you all know what he did there haha
  20. 956 minutes without conceding a goal at the Bridge for Petr, shame
  21. aaaaa Ramires quite close to scoring, well played by Sturridge
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