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  1. I'm enjoying this season more than I have done in years! Going home and away with the blues you do realise what wondeful fans we actually have. We make every game a special occasion. Even when we were down in 16th for what seemed like forever, we were still there, having a laugh, singing our hearts out, enjoying the camaraderie etc. It's been fantastic imo and I don't want it to end! Come on the Chels!!
  2. The day he plays his last game will be torture. The tears will flow at SB if it is to be his last game against Leicester. We will never see the like of this great man again. The passion and commitment. The love for the club. He is right at the top as a legend for this club. He will have a statue like Ossie. We will see him back here as manager one day I am sure of it. Captain, Leader, Legend.
  3. Win, lose or draw who gives a fuck. At the end of the day we are still Chelsea. My love for the club will never die. In fact this season it had only grown stronger with every loss. We will go in our thousands, watch the match and have a laugh. If we win then great, if we lose we lose. We will be back next week and the week after that.
  4. If we play like we did 2nd half yday then of course we can beat Southampton.
  5. Now i understand your frustrations with performances and more importantly results but to say we are in danger of missing out on the top 4 is ludicrous. We are 5 points behind with 31 games still to play....
  6. Could have been the Carling Cup 1/4 final. Lamps scored just before the end which was a god send. Extra time was the last thing we needed going into the busy xmas period that year. I think Duffa scored our 1st goal. We won 2-1.
  7. Yes!! Couldn't agree more!! Of course it is because she is female. Jon Fearn never gets a bloody mention. It's always Eva this, Eva that. Whether it was right or wrong, he had a go at the both of them yet all you here is Eva's name. Why? Also, how the fuck is this even a story?? So he moaned at the club doctors... who gives a fuck?? And to those saying Jose was blaming them on the draw. Are you fucking stupid?? He was angry at the fact we were down to 9 men for a period not for the fucking draw!!
  8. Costa is a fucking god. I love the man to bits!!
  9. If Iva starts I think I will just throw in the towel there and then. It's almost as good as giving them a goal headstart!
  10. Holy fuck! She is hot! I'm surprised Jose allowed her out like that but I am sure as hell glad he did!!
  11. I am a massive Jose fan and don't understand any of the hate towards him from Chelsea fans after what he has achieved at this club, but, what he is doing with Loic Remy I will never ever know. Remy is a fantastic striker and proved this last season. We are going to have a major problem when he leaves for first team football and Costa gets an injury or suspension. Jose needs to give him some game time and fast!!
  12. Lost for words at how much this guy has fallen in such a quick space of time. Woeful.
  13. If people really believe that, they shouldn't be supporting a football team. There is no entertainment in a loss. You can make the best pretty patterns in the world on a football pitch but if you lose the game you still get that shit feeling. You win a game no matter what way you play you get that joyus feeling. That's the entertainment. The win.
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