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  1. Why are you so defensive of the Board? Are you s board member or are they your family members? The silly thing is to follow what you preach - refuse to pay the market fees that are being demanded today and the result will be total failure to land any players that improves the first team.
  2. Seems like you are. And cease preaching to me how I should support the club.
  3. The board has failed with the first of Conte's targets. I can see this being repeated throughout the summer and Conte should be rightfully worried if the Board can't even support their new coach with any of his first choice transfer targets.
  4. That's a big IF. if the club is deluded and still thinks this is 2008 like some fans here and pretend that inflation hasn't at least doubled transfer fees since then, there will be a few more Papys and Patos joining at the end of August.
  5. What do you define as a reasonable fee for a player like Koulibaly? 15 million pounds? Why would Napoli be bothered about your reasonable fee and playing hardball when they can just do business with the Manchester clubs and even a mid table club like Everton who are willing to outbid what low ball fees bids that Chelsea is giving?
  6. With the market being what it is, you can preach all about the virtues of not overpaying and he fees being too high but the end result is the same - the clubs that pay the fees get the players they want while Chelsea gets the likes of Papy and Falcao. And why stop at players? Is the club over paying for hiring an expensive coach and his team as well? Walk away all you want and sulk at the so-called high transfer fees - the club ain't gonna get the players they want if they refuse the pay what the selling clubs demand. And what self discipline crap are you posting? This is a Footbal
  7. I have had my share of cheap and so-called low risk buys since last summer. And what's the bullsh&te about Conte wanting this character? It's all agent talk, the only player that Conte wants and we know it is Nainggolan and look how that has ended. Chelsea aren't Leicester and no sane Football fan expects Leicester to repeat a title win or even be close to it.
  8. Those offers were widely quoted but it doesn't matter anymore. Nainggolan is staying put at the Stadio Olimpico and if the Club doesn't have a viable plan B as well, I don't know whether to sob or snigger. Why should you or I care how much the club pays? Or how brilliant they are in making bids? I only care about the end result which is buy the players that Conte wants for his team. One can make all the excuses in the world about being smart in negotiations etc but the end result remains the same - the Board screwed up
  9. That remains to be seen regarding the moving out of said players. However, I am alarmed by the club's obsession with the bottom line in recent years and thus I do not expect to see he Board making moves like they did in the past. The TOP priority is to buy first team players for central defense, central midfield and centre forward positions. This emanuele fellow can go blazes for all I care, it's just his agent drumming up support fora quick sale. I would rather a youth player make the step up for squad roles.
  10. Giaccherini is mere agent talk and I sincerely hope it remains that way. Which are the players you believe aren't good enough for Conte's squad? Unlike you, I have serious doubts regarding the Board in addressing said gaps this summer. What gives you that faith and hope that the Board will pull off anything worthwhile?
  11. Don't you think there current squad already has enough so-called "squadies" in place? Let's address the absolute huge gaps in the first team before we worry about squadies eh?
  12. You are barking up the wrong tree. Let's get some first team quality in before we talk about squadies which can already be fulfilled by the current squad and youth players.
  13. Look at the difference between the first and second offer - a mere two million pounds and you call that smart negotiation? It doesn't matter now, Nainggolan will sign a contract extension and the end result is as expected - FAILURE in signing Conte's prime transfer target.
  14. It's just agent talk. Take it as empty chatter and nothing more.
  15. How the mighty has fallen. From the likes of Vidal to meek acceptance and approval of a Sunderland reject. Were you celebrating when Djilobdoji, Hector and Pato were signed?
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