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  1. We need a new English center within the team, Coles, Lampard now gone and Terry ever closer towards his end. As bad as it may seem, we need to invest in some players within England. The success of both kane and Alli ,there is surely a few chances to get some in football league. Alex mowatt etc.
  2. This is the shit that needs to be sorted. Big fat bonuses for winning the title ontop of their massive weekly wage. Need to be more careful to this. More youth on lower wages - as you would expect - instead of dead-weight as squad members.
  3. Players coach till end of season?
  4. According to members, she has a a nice 'ass' when treating players
  5. Hope Didier is the man to be built up to become the 'real' long term subject of Roman's ambitions. But, with that, I hope he is given enough time and experience to become a full front manager.
  6. Who knew about this? source: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/sport/football/clubs/chelsea/article3778079.ece Couldn't get full article since I don't pay for the times, but damn !
  7. Want to build a dynasty, start with training the man to be the proper face up -- likes of the 'Old Guard' -- to become an eventual manager. Youth Team Manager to Reserve Manager to Assistant Coach (like Steve Holland), to then eventual manager. Let them choice tactics and team selection for the League Cup, or take charge of every other training session. Would love to see someone like Drogba or JT as manager one day. Real passion for the club, and thoroughly bled through the system as player, coach and manager.
  8. Maybe the best option is, now that we only have one assistant manager - it seems we always have two now? - maybe getting a club legend like Drogba, Terry, Lampard etc. (one that just pop into head) for a grooming to be a long succesor. They be involved with the first team training, learn tactics from the actual manager -- Simone, Guardiola etc. -- and would also have a connection towards the club's image and the support. It could be akin to Ryan Giggs and Man U, or the supposed idea, or Ally McCoist and Walter Smith at Rangers (dunno much information about that).
  9. Bamford or even, though unlikely, get Drogba on loan! Don't want someone who is past it (like Falcao) and played for some of our rivals (Arsenal, Man City and Spurs!). Let Villa have him.
  10. Sounds like he lost the dressing room, and that the comments Monday might have cost him his job. The fact that Emenalo said 'the individual' shows a little direspect in someway, and sounds like it will be Steve Holland and co that will be in charge for saturday.
  11. I generally think that after Monday, it was the realisation to Jose that he wasn't the man to turn this round. That he failed, and it was too late for him to turn it around, maybe hence why it was 'mutual' and the comments that he said in the post-match interview.
  12. So an exodus of Mourinho's usual posse then
  13. Jose is gone. No matter what he has a legacy to this club and helped define an era to the club's history. Sad that it ended in this manner, especially with certain circumstances added in. I hope that he has a break from football to rest from what has been an uneasy year. But right now, the next steps for this club is important. The next manager as an interm, the manner we approach Sunderland, and how we treat certain players. Players have not played at all the expectations that they should be at, and that needs to be looked at. Hopefully the next manager, be it Pep or Simone, has to be one tha
  14. A. Doubt Levy would let that happen without a gruelling amount of compensation, B. Spurs are on the up, why would he want to leave for a team that is looking towards a relegation battle?
  15. IF Jose loves the club as much as he makes out he does, he would resign. Otherwise, we won't be able to sack him. The cost of sacking, plus hiring another manager would be expensive. And the club has just put in plans to redevelop the stadium, which itself, might financially restrict us to a certain amount of transfer funds per season. Some many factors to weigh in alongside the football....
  16. Just by watching MOTD highlights, it seemed if he went for the bottom right more likely throughout the game then he could have scored sooner. As with Matic, as professional footballers they should be able to nip the ball in the best areas to score, not the easiest which can also be most likely saved.
  17. Might be a typical move to not undermine dressing room or let media play up. Nice to see some positivity from Jose. Hopefully first step in the right direction.
  18. Explosives alert turned out false. France bombs IS for third night in a row
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glxh9ZgP7kc
  20. Maybe to help Clarke have some extra transfer money in the back pocket
  21. BBC's picked up on the 'Pray for The World' and FaceBook French flag option and its controversy http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-34833134
  22. Russian, Lebanese and French flags on the Great Pyramid. RIP to all those that have passed. Thoughts are out to those that are affected with each death.
  23. Sure the security, the online observations has kind of heighten since the. Plus the attacks would make for a more aggressive approach to that too. Better to pinpoint that out and not cause any distress or fear. That isn't what is needed more of atm.
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