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  1. Don't he will leave. Everything is fallen perfectly here, at the heart of the team and is seen as the major part of the team. At Man Ure he would be second fiddle. I get the impression Ngolo is a proper professional - unlike a certain Belgian - and would have a sense of loyalty to the club too.
  2. Gonna be a stressful wait for the confirmation of both transfers now ala Jorginho. Get your bags to breathe into near by, gonna be a tense few hours
  3. Close to signing a new contract, accordingly. https://metro.co.uk/2018/08/08/aaron-ramsey-close-agreeing-new-arsenal-contract-chelsea-interest-7813260/
  4. We don't. The club just loads up FM and then sees who looks good and sign them.
  5. What kind of team do you guys expect? This is a unneeded friendly, days away from start of the season. Why risk injuring players when we have a short option squad anyway?
  6. Been offered to us.... Fishy.....
  7. You can never write us off, especially if Sarri can get the team playing his football and get results. Not an ideal start so far to his tenure, but I would rather have a manager with adud season to embed his style into the club then a stop and start three years again.
  8. A brilliant performance again for a 17 year old, and can show us that if we have a shit or below average season, we can use it for an example for youth kids to set a stage. CHO, Bulka, both impressed and become possible squad options just from an exceptional preseason.
  9. A game that is quite uneeded but at least it is at home rather than abroad. Would like to see some changes, maybe a few different options for midfield, though I don't think that would happen with season starting so close...
  10. He wants to leave yet took him till 3 days before window closing. Just an unloyal arsehole.
  11. And half of the squad too
  12. Would be good, maybe as an option, for look at the loan army players that are stuck here still and see there worth within the first team if there is no more signings. Piazon, Kalas, etc, could provide options. Not ideal but if a way forward, it's better then nothing.
  13. sometimes it feel they dont have a 3-5 minute footballing plan.
  14. When Bravo shows more confidence with the ball at his feet then most of our 11, that shows how bad this performance has been. Not writing off us for the season, not blaming Sarri - but certain players should've turned up more. Rudiger, Luiz, not tracking back quicker and become spectators at times. We should have got rid of Conte alot sooner, introduce Sarri sooner and sorted out business with Tibo, Hazard, Willian sooner. We are now one week away from PL Start, four from window closing, this isn't how the club should've been run.
  15. With a new manager and a new approach. Hell, Bats could become number one striker for what we know!
  16. Fact: You're making assertions based upon a game where we've made no presence in midfield or any support whatever.
  17. CHO off for Willian? Unfortunate, deserved longer. Pedro has been shocking!!
  18. One mistake = one goal... Defenders were nothing but spectators.
  19. Think this might be the showing of how much can we take the punches rather then biting back...
  20. I would say at least Barkley had slowly improved pushing further....
  21. pedro doing poor passing in final third...
  22. hudson-odoi getting more confident,,,
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