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  1. you keep asking that , WHO would you pick ?
  2. agree I dont think a TOP Pl team would touch him with a barge pole ,, W Ham might
  3. you should be a lawyer defending the indefensible .
  4. 4231 4231 4231 its the only way for Jose Id rather have Manfreds Manns 5 4 3 2 1 or Steve (Dave ) Clarks ,, Glad all OVER
  5. would you like your daughter treated like that. would you treat a woman like that ??
  6. agree there is so much to admire in the way they deal with the community and their academy . There is I think fundamental differences between their aims and ours . Roman is a football fan (atic) , he wants successful and exciting football . City are part of a giant PR exercise , image is important . Trophies are less important . I have no envy towards City fans they have suffered for years . Good luck to them . I do hope more English clubs look at what City are doing for the community and within their limited budgets follow the lead.
  7. DO YOU think his behaviour was acceptable ?
  8. It should have been in public before the meeting , He had plenty of time , Do you think his behaviour towards her was acceptable?
  9. IF jose had bothered to apologise she may well have turned up
  10. she might get booed by a small minority of retards
  11. Pat had better be right or he could be in deep shit
  12. laffs not seen you for ages Ulster .. not been locked away have you
  13. he trained away from the rest of the squad ,,to me suggests he is not fit to play. Might be a blessing in disguise
  14. so sensible ,, biting the hand that feeds ,, a 4 year old child or a rabid dog
  15. RLC Remy and many of our young players might have thought that ,, SIMPLE
  16. seems Chelsea POTY is a poisoned chalice
  17. Im hoping to recoup some of my recent Chelsea losses as well
  18. RLC deserves a chance but can he really play in 2 positions at THE SAME TIME?
  19. @ossie the king ... when you have been here for at least a few months instead of a few hours you will realise that Styles is well respected and not a wind up merchant .
  20. we were hated because of some of our fans but not universally despised because of our manager
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