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  1. we were never DESPISED before Mourinho
  2. old fashioned principles ,, enjoy Hogmanay ,,,,do you get to see Rangers or the Hoops?
  3. it would take too long but in a nutshell .. some things are more important than tin cups ,, I am now thought to be one of the most negative moaners on here . hope you are well and things in Greece are improving
  4. TIME to move on and start by whipping the Black Cats ,, sorry Jack Red and White ...
  5. I thought you were the ALL seeing Oracle .. can't you see JT is off to Spurs in January ..mm seriously WELCOME BACK
  6. I expect the players to show they want to play for the shirt ,
  7. you don't hang yourself with a petard ,, If you must use clever lines at least get them right . :D See I can use smilies as well .
  8. OK start by suggesting two ex players ,, Poyet for interim or Mark Hughes as permanent. sitting back waiting for the insults
  9. A full England international and I think he made the PL team of the year last season .. still deemed not good enough
  10. Now is the time for preparing for next season .. Consider it as a 7 month preseason which MATTERS
  11. I dont think we should ,, it would be disrespectful
  12. nice idea BUT no way will Everton sell him or Stones
  13. there will be quite a compensation bill and No european income next year so there will be a considerable financial hit .
  14. although I have been critical especially over the last 6 months I am not celebrating but I do have a great feeling of relief . Time to move on .
  15. you call Hazard spineless and your favourite player is Falcao ,, no need to say more
  16. begovic will always be 2nd but he has been EXCELLENT for us .. one of the few who can be satisfied with their performances this season .
  17. I should think there are Manure fans c/p Peace's posts as evidence for not getting him
  18. they might be manure fans but their posts have logic .. I doubt if many clubs would want him now , Im sure no one would get him to build a Dynasty . notice their current manager even gives young players a chance as Klopp is doing ..
  19. that would be fine IF it was ALL she wore
  20. at the end of this season I would like John to take a great holiday with his children and wife . When he returns do some TV work write for one of the papers . Stand back a little and consider the options offered to you . Whatever you decided should be accepted by all Chelsea fans
  21. he has had the shit kicked out of him by opponents for two years ,, gets up NEVER retaliates or complains . Has his attacking flair reduced by an ultra defensive coach. gets blamed as a faker causing the Eva debacle now gets shit from his manager . Go somewhere you will be appreciated , It's been a privilige having you at our club , But go fulfill you potential , enjoy your football . But you will be missed just as your compatriots are missed
  22. but the young ponies arent ready .. they need much more time on the bench first ,
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