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  1. I started to complain IN jan this year ,, some saw things then and saw even more during the preseason .. Some others were like love sick young teenage girls. Did you enjoy your prom date?
  2. if he was ..it would be my best Xmas present since i was 8 and got a rugby ball for Xmas ,, oh and the war was over
  3. expect Rhino skin on here tomorr ,, and essien but even Tomo has realised Jose is a busted flush ,, Oh perhaps Barbara will be here calling us all moaners who should be banned
  4. I have liked Pedro in the last few games .. would like to see him start with REMY
  5. even Scolari or Avram Grant ,, they had better stats
  6. only for away games ,, OUR tickets will have to go up .. No european football next year
  7. OMG we will so miss his "pressers " I don't watch them but Rhino skin says they are always wonderful
  8. And I still keep losing money on those tossers . TONIGHT the LAST TIME
  9. put Emanola in charge ,, he managed a girls team in USA ,., perfect fit for us
  10. NOW relying on long throws WE are the OLD Stoke sign Delap
  11. If we get a draw today Jose will do a lap of Honour
  12. dont bother they only show the TOP teams in the Championship
  13. OMG you actually thought I was seriously,, But I have money on Chelsea to win so I guess Im more naive than you
  14. Well I thought we dominated that half Possession 67% more attacks than them ,, more dangerous attacks than them SO stop being negative the boys are doing GREAT
  15. FUCK FUCK FUCK and Fuck never trust Scum or Spuds when you need them
  16. NOT AMUSED .. have doubles and a treble with Gooners Scouse and Spuds
  17. how about getting a sense of humour and stop taking yourself so seriously.. and DON't FUCKING SWEAR
  18. Apparently Cesc was seen at one of our PL games and it was rumoured Costa has been spotted in the opposition penalty box .. not sure I believe that tho
  19. But OUR Academy is MAKING a profit ,,,,,,,, though no one shows us the figures
  20. LOOK back to when I first came on here ,, I was always POSITIVE ,, now Im a realist unlike you ,, Still think we will finish third ????
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