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  1. JOSE promised us a DYNASTY ,, he actually meant DIE NASTY for our youth
  2. GO back to sleep then ,, you are sooo boring and predictable
  3. At least FB won't be able to delete Your POsts then give you a warning
  4. Could you please show the Accounts that the Academy makes a profit ,
  5. keep getting a point a game and this year it might be enough
  6. Im CERTAIN he wont be the main striker here ,, We were stupid enough to send him away
  7. only negatives Costa's finishing and Again Brana in defence . allround MUCH better
  8. if this the New Falcao thread ?? I believe he is back in training
  9. whatever anyone felt about his attitude when with us it is impossible not to feel sympathy for him ,, I feel mocking him is in extremely bad taste. Btw I was quite happy when he left us
  10. it was a reasonable effort at satire ,, but as you said it didnt need to be so long
  11. he was on the road to Damascus and saw the light
  12. if ONLY he had shown some character and stayed and fought for his place .. He could now have been out on loan at Vtesse or QPR
  13. Costa Kane or Lukaku // ive watched Lukaku closely tonight ,, how does he score so many .Its rocket science actually ,, HE spends most of his time in the box usually quite central and makes attempts on goal ,, tonight was unlucky twice hitting post or cross bar THIRD time lucky ,,,still its easy scoring for poor teams like Everton
  14. YESSSSSS The fucking Morons have scored 1 0 now bring on Mikel
  15. ask Kevin and they are as bad at home as us
  16. found a new team to support C D Moron ,, playing today 0 0 at HT ,, think of the pleasure in shouting " come on you FUCKING MORONS"
  17. only the last game was at home and IT WAS LOST to a bottom 3 side ,, just demonstrates how far we have fallen .
  18. then they will be more stupid than I ever thought possible .
  19. thats a point I have been making for about 2 months . I couldnt see any PLAN . We just seemed to go out and HOPE ,, Without Willians free kicks it would have been even worse.
  20. Welcome to The Negativists Club or as we call ourselves "The Realists"
  21. thanks after your post I looked back at the first page and the abuse the OP got for starting this thread
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