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  1. Is that three games in a row he has been benched now? I'm glad to be honest. He's been consistently poor all season and he's about time he got a good kick up the arse. I would have preferred Luiz and Terry at the back but not a bad line-up to be honest.
  2. You can't say whether it worked out or not until he he has had regular playing time.
  3. Ankle injury? Has this been confirmed? I prefer Luiz at CB, but a midfield of Luiz + Lampard is much much better than Ramires + Lampard.
  4. Thank you! Once again... where the fuck is Luiz?
  5. Wait? What the fuck? I didn't even notice he wasn't there at first. How does Rafa play Ramires and Lampard against Arsenal and not put Luiz in there?! He's not even on the bench.
  6. To be honest, we all knew Torres was going to start after not starting against Southampton. It's not a massive surprise.
  7. Sky Sports just confirmed that both games are set to go ahead.
  8. I hope you're right but I'm thinking that Torres will probably start after not playing against Southampton.
  9. Cheers. The positional statistics are very interesting. 44% of Everton's attacks come from the left side, no surprise there! We're actually fairly balanced in our attacks despite many people thinking we mostly attack through the centre.
  10. Jesus Christ. It was a bit funny at first, but they took it too far!
  11. Corner


    Don't feed the troll mate!
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