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  1. We're not winning this. Champions League final is our last hope.
  2. Starting to feel like we'll end up trophyless and won't even get top 4.
  3. Damn, the new kits are so ugly. I know we usually get used to them, but this time...
  4. People said it was Lamps playing favourites, but it looks like Mason is proving them wrong and is on the verge of becoming a top player just like his mentor.
  5. Great performance. Was super unlucky with two of his shots hitting the bar, but should've taken that one-on-one chance against the snake.
  6. Happy to see Eden back at The Bridge.
  7. Such a great game, but it's still a bit baffling how many chances we fluffed and Real could stay in the match up until the very end and it should've been over in the beginning at the 2nd half. Funny enough Werner didn't make a miss that sticks out, in fact he did well in taking his offside goal and was in the right place after Havertz hit the crossbar.
  8. Our 3rd UCL final, but unlike the last two times I can say we have a proper tactician who massively contributed to this achievement. However everything is still up for grabs in all fronts so we shouldn't lose focus.
  9. That was a stonewall penalty at the end, lmao.
  10. Interesting. I thought Jose was going to give it a shot for the Juventus job since Pirlo is close to being sacked. Roma doesn't feel like a big enough club like the ones Jose is usually interested in managing, but probably with his recent failures his stocks have dropped and that's about the best he can do at this point.
  11. Havertz definitely looks like he'll come good, something I can't say about Werner.
  12. Two chances and two goals for Havertz.
  13. Wow, we're so lucky that's not an equalizer. We can only thank Werner and Ziyech for keeping Fulham in the game so far.
  14. Can't see how that makes it any better. If anything it's much more frustrating and painful to watch. You'd probably say that if his movement is better and he keeps getting at end the end of chances his finishing should eventually improve and that's what I thought at first, but time is passing and Timo keeps fluffing them with confidence.
  15. Oh, don't get me wrong. Me saying I have a newfound appreciation for Torres (and Morata) was more of a hyperbole to express how frustrating Werner is. Torres was really that bad. Terrible movement, constantly getting caught offside, sulking and blaming the club for his misfortunes. I remember an interview where he said at some point he even stopped caring if we win or lose. He scored a few important goals, but that hardly changes the general outlook. However even Torres at his absolute worst was more clinical than Werner is at this point and that's an extremely miserable and depressing th
  16. An expected reaction from a Werner apologist.
  17. Exactly what I meant. Having to watch Werner gives you a newfound appreciation for twose two and their time here might even seem better than it was in reality.
  18. Not a fan of the Scolari comparison. Until we lost to West Brom there was another one for best managerial start at Chelsea. Just goes to show how misleading can stats be at times.
  19. That Werner miss, though... I'm starting to appreciate Torres and Morata much more.
  20. Well, wee better win the Champions League then.
  21. Imagine we are about to get only one point from the home games against West Brom and Brighton. No way we're getting top 4.
  22. So close to get another one. This is the best half we've had in a long while.
  23. 3 goals in match finally! Zouma is such an aerial threat! 5 EPL goals this season already.
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