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  1. To be fair, his agent seems to be a real handful, to say the least. Comments like that are just not needed...
  2. I would absoloutly love to have him at Chelsea!
  3. Desperately missed Matic in midfield today. I am impressed by how the boy Zouma has adapted so fast, but he is no Matic. I died about 12 times during the match, but we weathered their considerable storm. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Somebody with a decent stream, other than the ones to be found on wiziwig?
  5. To be honest I wasn't sure what Mourinho planned with Fabregas. I thought that Fabregas would need to adapt and wouldn't find "his game" and so on. I think that I, like a lot of people, couldn't foresee what Mourinho planned for Chelsea, given the way sort of had to play during the previous season - lightning fast counter-attacks and hoping that our front man would get a toe in or that Hazard finishes off the move. Obviously Mou tweaked his system, because now he can - and we can see now how much sense the Fabregas signing actually makes.
  6. Costa, 5 out of 4. Now thats a striker. Someone with a decent stream btw?
  7. Why did we loan out Victor Moses, if he is homegrown?
  8. Probably been mentioned before, but this is def a highlight of mine these last years (with good kid mad city by kendrick)
  9. Given that Spain are rarely playing with an out-and-out 9, Costa played pretty good yesterday and was always the player most likely to threaten the dutch defense. He is not a bad player because the Spanish national team collectively fell apart yesterday. He will be a great improvement for us, if he signs.
  10. Mysterious why Costa started. Should never have been in contention to play. Imagine they would have had one more sub around the 80th minute to bring on a pair of fresh legs. Well, ifs and how, and son... Well played Atleti, congratulations to Madrid. Both teams equally would have deserved to win it.
  11. Well done Atletico. Remarkable achievement. Well deserved CL finalists as well. Hope they do the double. I am deeply impressed by their achievement.
  12. Feel the Moyes. It was fun while it lasted. Let's hope they appoint some other clown, who'll try to build a team around players like Valencia and Ashley Young. Hopefully Klopp will stay put at Dortmund, though.
  13. It will probably be Eden Hazard who will win Chelsea Player Of The Year this season, but I think that a huge mentioning has to go out to this guy - Cesar! In all honesty, he has been our most consistent player this whole season. He just doesn't do anything wrong. I am amazed by him every game, a bloody trooper. Him and the defense should get an extra award, just to make sure.
  14. Good grace, a defense made of David Luiz, Thiago Silva and Marcelo surly is a WC winning back line.
  15. It is a step in the right direction I think. José has a clear vision what he wants in the team and for once the board and the owner are happy to support him and finally push on with the transition that we so desperately need. I think it is a success. I never saw us as genuine contenders anyway but given our position and the way this season developed in general, I am surprised in how well we did against the big teams. Next season, with a proper striker on board, we care genuine contenders.
  16. You just have to love Moyes. The night they "overcome" Olympiakos and for the first time in ages that United put in a half decent performance against the weakest team in the competition he goes and claims they can win the whole damn thing. Is that bullish or just one more step towards mental illness.
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