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  1. You mentioned exactly, completely what I've been thinking to myself during the course of this season, even when we were winning against the likes of Burnley & Sheffield. Elite football has evolved so quickly. If you are a club who has the means, you have to have, for all the positions, players who have an excellent ball technique and everything it entails to, at a minimum, grind out wins against 'smaller sides' over and over again and play confidently against 'big sides' even when you are playing away and are 2 goals behind with 'enough' minutes left. That includes the GK and the CBs.
  2. Such a garbage manager and tactician. Before we know it, Liverpool will at a minimum grind wins over and over again and we'll be completely out of the title race because of his cluelessness. We need someone who has a near-mad scientist approach to tactics and in-game management, and Lampard is sooo average at both. I deeply hope that the board is in touch with Tuchel.
  3. I might sound very cynical, but I would love Tuchel here ASAP. When did BILD mention that? I really don't have faith in Lampard after yesterday. He's such a mediocre tactician. His in-game management reeks of so much cluelessness, especially when we're trailing. He doesn't know how to adapt and he's often bailed out by players' individual brilliance, both in defense and/or in attack.
  4. Well said! I hope one way or another he gets tactical 'Eureka!' moments, but after watching today's game, I truly can't help but feel that he is a false dawn, that he's very limited tactically, and strategically with regards to how to use players effectively.
  5. I really, really hope that we 'Karius - Alisson' him and cynically get rid of him ASAP for a much better keeper. He's so goddamn bang average, and not least, too short. Sterling's shot epitomized his goalkeeping quintessence. I would honestly take Nick Pope over him. That's how desperate I am for a new, taller keeper.
  6. I really hope that this is Azpi's last season anywhere near the starting line-up. He's so..... bland. His situational awareness is so below par.
  7. You know, I truly think that we are a very small minority, the fans who would agree with all that you've just said. It seems like the majority truly think that Sarri isn't an abomination, that he's a victim of the circumstances he's had to deal with even though he's a goddamn stubborn POS. Higuain should have been taken off at HT. I absolutely don't see how the game vs Watford is gonna be any different from all the home games we should have won on paper vs Leicester, Burnley, So'ton, Everton, Wolves, etc. All those 'lower' opponents' were so comfortable defending against us. Watford aren'
  8. It's so saddening that this fraud has been allowed to stay by the board and the majority of fans believe in him. How many more predictable tactics over and over again till the majority finally wants him out? Never have I felt so hopeless and deflated about the state of this club until now and still having this toothless fraud as a manager just makes me apathetic. If we get top 4 and win the EL somehow, then great, I really hope it happens. Even then he doesn't deserve to still be here. Blame our opponents' shithousery but the elephant in the room is that we have unbelievably predictable t
  9. How sickening, disgusting, infuriating, wack that this clueless, sickening leech is gonna still be here when we play the final. He doesn't deserve any goddamn chance to still be around. Are lots of fans really going to that match expecting a win? A boycott is much more logical if that disgusting chimney w**nkstain is still there. Gosh, the hate I have for that man...
  10. All this sentimental deluded BS about giving him time because we can't keep sacking managers bla bla bla. He's a freakin' leech sucking the life out of the club. A fraud. A useless, lifeless, clueless fraud. It was a joy to watch the fans at the stadium suddenly have that collective epiphany about this leech. Most fans would have been understanding and patient despite the results if he was showing humble willingness at tweaking stuff that wasn't working and yet he keeps showing this stubbornness that, honestly speaking, is sickening. This has been going on for ages. Thank heavens he final
  11. He is AVB 2.0 through and through. Plays great, attractive football in the homeland, turns out to be a tactically clueless and inadequate man-managing buffoon in the PL. Around this same stage of the season in '12 we lost 0-2 at Everton in what was one of the most pathetic showings of what was a lousy season bar the CL and FA Cup runs. The cluelessness similarities are huge between those two. All this naive optimism about him is so irrational. I've seen this downfall coming from miles away ever since Everton when Sigurdsson successfully nullified Jorginho and the house of cards of what is
  12. Yes! This is definitely the conclusion to get from this game. Ruthless all around, there cannot be room for sentimentality whatsoever with regard to the squad. Azpi is one of the first who springs my mind. The guy is simply limited to be a starting RB for a team gunning for trophies.
  13. Starting with Hazard! I've given up on that guy. You'd think that the most creative player on the team would live out that ''with great power comes great responsibility'' mantra full on but he's the biggest wuss. No sign of leadership from him, no sign of grit and encouraging others when then going gets tough for the team + all his BS flirting with Real. I'm done with him, and I can already see what a breath of fresh air it would be when he's gone. Look at Coutinho. His leaving Liverpool did wonders for them, the exact same would most def. happen here when Hazard's pretentious ass finally f**k
  14. I remember saying in the Arsenal game thread that Howe's preparation work for this game was already cut out because the tactics are as predictable and a given as night-time freezing temperatures in Siberia during winter Terribly predictable sh*t over and over again. We've been utterly humiliated, utterly destroyed because of that pathetic, stubborn coach. F**k you Sarri, f**ck you!!!!!
  15. At this rate I just can't help but think to myself: Will we realistically see a change during this game? Will Alonso be dropped? Any optimism I had of Sarri is truly gone after the Arsenal game. He's one-dimensional, he brought with him a very limited player who pathetically can only play in one position. There's no unpredictability in the gameplay and I don't see it changing soon. (Right now Eddie Howe's preparation work for the game on the 29th is already cut out) He keeps rewarding mediocrity. Willian and Alonso don't deserve to be at this club, the sight of them on the pitch is disgusting
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