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  1. Why would we splash huge money on LB when we have Chilwell? Not to mention none of Ben and Theo would like to be a backup, it's not FM
  2. Assuming Mount, Lukaku, Werner and Kova are still out: Mendy Chalobah AC Rudi James Jorginho Kante(RLC if Kante not fit) Chilwell Ziyech Havertz CHO
  3. Charlie Musonda confirmed he is leaving at the end of the season. Good luck for him. One deadwood less on the books. https://www.instagram.com/p/CV0wTDztvVR/
  4. He confirmed he is leaving as free agent at the end of the season. Good luck for him.
  5. Kepa Chalobah-AC-Sarr Azpi RLC Jorginho Alonso Ziyech Havertz CHO With Barkley, Saul, maybe Pulisic (considering his fitness) and Vale coming on second half
  6. watch TT starting Mount/Havertz/Ziyech next game
  7. What about Ismail Sarr? I think he is more interesting prospect than Lozano
  8. With Rudi, James and Silva propably out our defense will look like that: Alonso/Chillwell - Chalobah, AC, Azpi - CHO with Sarr our backup CB, interesting.
  9. Personally I would start Timo also ahead of out of form Mount and Havertz.
  10. This is what I noticed - people were shiting in match threads on CHO (who wasn't so good also) yet Chillwel not doing much all game is geting a pass.
  11. Problem with him is that he hasn't became bambi on ice when you took him out of s spanish team - accroding to even Atletico fans, he was very poor for 2 seasons already.
  12. No way Jorgi will be left out, pretty sure our squad will be like: ----------------Mendy/Kepa----------- -----AC---------Thiago---------Toni--- Azpi---------Jorgi--------Kova------Alonso -------Kante-------------------???-------- -------------------Rom----------------------- where ??? will be Mount, Havertz or Timo.
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