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  1. that was one game in which Ramos was rushed to come back too early from injury. He will be fine if he can stay healthy and get into match rhythm. Question is whether he can stay healthy, his mileage is huge.
  2. There were some rumors (but not very strong) about us being interested in Tchouameni and Rice
  3. RLC is on crazy wage that noone gonna pay. Loan is only option.
  4. Also Izzy Brown and van Ginkel
  5. From what i've read from Atletico's fans he is very poor for quite long time
  6. Noone, loan is the only option
  7. yeah, and they still have some deadwood to offload - Coutinho, Braithwaite, Pjanic
  8. Haha, good luck with that.
  9. Main advantage of Alaba is he is able to cover for 3 positions that Real is very thin - backup for LB (Marcelo sucks badly), backup for CDM/CM (because of Valverde problems they run Casemiro, Modric and Kross to the ground) and backup for CB (with Varane and Ramos its hard to predict how they will look here next season). Saying that I still agree it's crazy money for Alaba.
  10. Question remains whether he is good enough for backup
  11. Good luck with selling Kepa and RLC, loans are only possible options.
  12. Yeah, I wonder if there are some backstage issues with him.
  13. Lamptey is good attacking RWB, but nothing else, and him being tiny won't allow him to be much else. Saying that I am also not convinced by James, wonder why Tuchel abandoned CHO RWB project - I get it he wanted more defensive stability, but considering lately games we are losing goals without him also.
  14. He had some injury problems, after which he simply sucked at Borussia, they tried him for a moment as CB, but he wasn't anything special either.
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