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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    they can prepare a bid all they want we have no way to replace him - so they can fuck right off
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    Some have said here Eden would decide while on vacation what his next move is. Madrid made offers of that I am sure which we declined as we don't need to sell and Eden himself never asked the club to sell him. Decision made right there. He showed up - Eden always has sluggish preseason and with being back for 2 days hardly enough time to get back into sync with Chelsea new style of football. To one point he is back at training he legitimately does not need to sign an extension day 1 back from his holidays he needs to focus on getting match fitness back. and secondly he could have forced the issue with what we have seen in player power not just with Courtois but in world football , he has chosen to be a Chelsea player. Let go of the doom and gloom - too many glass half empty thinkers here. 20 minute cameo to get some minutes in his legs clearly not sharp yet but that's your cause for concern.
  3. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Juventus can go eat a bag of rocks.. after what they did to us this window
  4. Aaron Ramsey

  5. Inter Milan 1-1 Chelsea

    he only counts as U21 not towards or HG - however can see him if he continues to progess in net for us
  6. Inter Milan 1-1 Chelsea

    Bulka very good with ball at his feet
  7. Michy Batshuayi

    Nope I feel the exact same way been saying this for a few months - we sell Morata bring in a GK or RW - I would keep Giroud and Tammy around and go that way
  8. Bernard

    currently injured and free sounds about right
  9. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    Musonda in for barkley
  10. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    third position change for Barkley CAM LW and now RW he's definitely gonna play under Sarri unlike Conte
  11. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    allan only had 4 goals 5 assists in an attacking formation Kante will be more than fine
  12. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    Allan who played their for Napoli is not a better passer than Kante
  13. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    I feel like this style needs a 9 with either better acceleration to get away from defenders or quicker speed of thought to find the gaps and finish. Morata has good top speed but his first 5 yards doesn't seem to be all that fast to be honest - and we all know about speed of thought with him, he seems to over think it all the time
  14. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    CHO needs to stay with the club and get rotation games resting Hazard allowing him to be fresh for the big teams
  15. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    I was thinking the same thing - this will suit him so much more than what he’s had to play since he been here.. A ball playing keeper is must and a RW with more goals - as it stands right now I’d like to see Barkley and RLC fight for that spot in the middle we may not need Golovin at all
  16. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    Can you imagine this style by October 👀👀👀
  17. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    Good run from Barkley
  18. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    Apparently it’s showing now on Chelsea TV
  19. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    It looks like Barkley playing the zielinkski role not what I thought hmm interesting
  20. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    I love Jorginho directing the play it’s lovely
  21. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    Goal Pedro!! CHO our wide looks good
  22. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    My fault . Sorry about that my point for you still stands - his comment was unnecessary
  23. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    this link is slightly behind the twitter one
  24. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    your comment was over the top he was trying to be help i know you want to watch the game - but your comment was just as unhelpful
  25. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    Fabregas with armband