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  1. Getting bossed at our home ground by fucking Reading at the moment. FFS!
  2. Remember that Liverpool had a Dempsy profile or something up on their website and nothing ever came of that. Not yet, anyways.
  3. Love how the latest rumor swirling around twitter is that Hulk has booked a flight to London for his medical. The hell would someone possibly know that? And people believe it.
  4. If Madrid were to pull out of the Modric race, I guarantee that ManUtd would be the first club in for him. As angry as it would make me to see him there, I think Roman has given up even trying to negotiate with Levy. A real shame, as he'd take Chelsea to a new level. As for Hulk, this saga is getting nearly unbearable. If we are genuinely interested still, the only way I see him signing is at the very last minute. Not gonna believe any twitter rumors about him "nearly signing" until it's official.
  5. I just hope he doesn't go to fucking Arse.
  6. Probably end up at Spuds. Absolutely no reason for City to buy another striker. Especially not one that'll be fairly expensive, is 27 with no resale value, and when they have 4 other strikers on HUGE wages. Makes no sense.
  7. Cavani to Spuds? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Did I just log into Reddit?
  8. Would cost half of what Modric would and would be a close mate with Hazard. Would be perfect and no more getting pissed at Mikel.
  9. Looks an absolute beast! He sees the ball coming his way through the air and just effortlessly eases the defender out of the way and wins EVERY header.
  11. Being shown on ESPN here in the States but not in England? Strange.
  12. When comparing the two, I'd say Hulk has more bust potential. He's more what we need and I think he'd be brilliant, but I wouldn't be completely shocked if he didn't live up to the hype. Cavani on the other hand is as close to a sure fire player as there is. Think he'd rip the prem apart. Too close to call for me as to which I'd prefer.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if Levy is getting fed up with Madrid not forking over the cash. Less than 2 weeks to find a replacement and another striker, so they'll want to hurry this along. That's where we can come in. I'd say if we offered around £35m they'd sell just to see an end to the saga. He'd make SUCH a difference in our team. I'm sure Lamps wouldn't mind taking a more reduced role with a player of Modric's quality ahead of him.
  14. Real Madrid would probably thrash us 4-1 at this moment in time.
  15. He may want Madrid now, but if he sees that we're still desperate for him and hears about the project we're building, I'm sure he can be swayed. Unlike Madrid, we can offer him a starting spot every game. He'd be on great wages, is in a great city, and will surely be challenging for everything. No reason not to come here, really.
  16. Would be the signing of the summer, but won't happen. Like Hutcho said, unless we pay silly money, Levy wint sell to us.
  17. How much would Tiote cost assuming they'd sell to us?
  18. If someone came up to me and asked me to forfeit 3 months wages to see Arsenal finish 8th, I'd do it in heartbeat. I fucking HATE their supporters more than those of any other club. Few things could please me more than seeing Arsenal suffer. Only person I respect is Wenger. You see what he does with shit squads like he's had recently. Imagine what he'd do with our kind of budget. Great manager.
  19. Maybe the stingy bald cunt will see Arsenal selling their 2 best players this week as a way to cover his ass for selling us Modric. He'll think "shit, it won't look as bad if we sell our best player because our rival did too."
  20. Arsenal literally are the ultimate selling club. Sell 2 of their best players every year. How can their fans put up with paying the highest ticket prices when the club constantly do business like that? Genuinely hilarious as a Chelsea supporter.
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