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  1. Should probably expect a very ugly, disjointed performance with so many changes but I’m glad we’ve rotated so heavily. Only thing I care about here is getting some good minutes in the legs of Saul, Kante, and Chilly. Hopefully Saul in particular has a solid outing to build his confidence up.
  2. Rüdiger seems like one of the guys that’s key to the teams spirit and tenacity. Unless his agent is asking for something silly like 250k+ per week I don’t understand what’s taking so long for us to tie him down.
  3. Top of the league having seen nowhere near our best attacking form.
  4. Leipzig Werner scores twice in this short period he’s been on. It’s truly sad seeing him STILL playing like this with zero confidence.
  5. I agree with people about Mount. We need to ask ourselves if he’s good enough to be an unquestioned starter for us. Yes, he’s a brilliant player to have in your squad and he should still get plenty of games for us, but his terrible goal + assist return is becoming a real issue. Does so well everywhere on the pitch except for where it really matters. Popping up with the rare brilliant goal isn’t enough. He has to start doing more ASAP. When we already have 2 midfielder out there at any given time who never score we can’t afford Mount not to be able to either.
  6. Our attack in wide areas is dead and nobody in our midfield can find Lukaku. Alonso keeps getting the ball on that flank but has zero pace to beat anyone and threaten. And a midfield 3 of Mason, Jorginho, and Kova has absolutely no creativity at all. We needed high energy, high tempo players like Kante, Reece, Chilly, and Werner to start this one. Poor lineup from TT.
  7. Werner’s pace on that wing would do us good.
  8. Surprise surprise, we can’t deal with a high energy press.
  9. Difficult to see is creating many chances. Could be another Lukaku bail out special. One chance, one goal.
  10. Not only does Unite have a monstrous squad, but they’re also the luckiest, flukiest team in football history. Any pundits or opposition fans thinking they’d be a level behind City and ourselves was delusional. Stuff always breaks their way. They’re genuine title contenders, maybe even favorites with that cunt CR7 scoring every game.
  11. I would e gone all out pace here against a Spuds team that will press and leave themselves exposed on the break. Chilwell and Werner would’ve been great here with Lukaku.
  12. Spuds with 4 very mobile, athletic midfielders against our 2 with Jorginho. Think we definitely needed to throw Kante straight in. They’re clearly going to press the hell out of our midfield here.
  13. Yikes. Don’t like the look of the XI at all. But every time I complain about a team selection we seem to win, so…
  14. Yep. Shocking defending by Creswell.
  15. His ability to seemingly always be in the right place at the right time is crazy. The ultimate poacher at this point in his career.
  16. Don’t think there’s a chance Son and Bergwijn miss this one. They’ll both start. Expect they’ll try to do to us exactly what Villa did in the first half last weekend. Aggressively press to start out with and if they score they’ll shut up shop and play for counter attacks for the rest of the way. The right sided CB Tuchel picks tomorrow will be the key to this game. With Kane in pretty rotten form I’m much more worried about Son. Reece will need help out on that side so I’m betting Azpi will start.
  17. One thing our attack is really missing with Pulisic out once again is someone who can reliably beat defenders 1v1 in open space. It’s so damned frustrating watching Alonso, Reece, Mount, Havertz etc receive the ball out wide and then not be able to get past their defender. It grinds so many attacks to a halt.
  18. We looked like pre-Tuchel Chelsea that first half. Sloppy, amateur quality passing, not pressing as a team, walking pace football. We look like the team of the past couple of years that allowed shit teams to perfectly execute the game plan their manager had set out. Zenit want to come in here and slow it down, sit deep, and not allow us much around their box. And we’ve played right into their hands.
  19. Are Zenit any good, btw? Have zero clue what sort of team they are.
  20. Very disappointing that we still haven’t seen the Lukaku & Werner partnership form the start yet. I thought for sure TT would want to try to establish an understanding between the two ASAP so we can use them together often. Even more disappointing that Chilly is still out of the team. One of the best LB’s around and can’t get a kick…
  21. They’re going to get battered by any team that can move the ball around quickly and pull them out of their shape.
  22. Bielsa’s setup and tactics are just not adequate against big teams who can match their energy with more quality than they have. First United blowing them away a couple of weeks ago and now Liverpool are ripping them apart.
  23. It’s really awesome to see Rom show people that he’s not just about power and pace. He can score some beautiful, extremely impressive goals. Hope going forward we can get him more involved in the play like we did against Arse. He was very isolated today.
  24. He’d score 30 PL goals if Cesc was in this team. But he should still score at least 20 in this one
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