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  1. I find them incredibly boring to watch without De Bruyne in their side. They play slow, walking pace football with a thousand short passes. It’s an incredibly skilled and effective machine but they aren’t really that exciting without KdB pulling the strings.
  2. I know a lot of people think Conte wouldn’t lower himself to Arse’s level, but if they sack Arteta this week and beg him to rescue them I think he might do it. A chance to bring back a “sleeping giant” who’s in crisis. He’d be a hero. And just as I’m typing this City score again!
  3. LMAO!!! This might be a 6-0. They could start the season with 0 points from 9 and a -10 goal difference or something.
  4. Arse actually look like an amateur outfit. This is comical. City potentially dropping points here would obviously have been beneficial to us, but seeing Arse get humiliated is always fun. AFTV should be ace tonight! Only downside of Arse getting 0 points from 9 is that they may do what we did and get a proper manager.
  5. Arsenal’s CB beaten in the air by Gündogan
  6. It’s going to take Arse YEARS to even compete for 4th, never mind become a regular CL club again.
  7. Zouma having the worlds longest ever medical. Think they’re checking one body part per day.
  8. The fact that nobody reliable like Fabrizio, Matt Law, or Ornstein have had any updates today about the Zouma & Saul moves collapsing tells me we shouldn’t pay any mind to any of this. What other reason would Koundé be left out of the Sevilla squad for the weekend?
  9. If true the club should tell them straight up that we will never do business with them again.
  10. West Ham stressing about an injury Zouma had years ago and has long since proven he’s over sounds like bullshit. He shows zero I’ll effects from that knee injury at all.
  11. The complete suddenness of the transfer absolutely feels like he saw Messi move and got agitated. He sees Messi go to a ridiculous super team and then looked at his situation and realized how stale it was. Juve are nowhere near the level necessary to compete in the CL currently. He now 1 up’s Messi by going to a “romantic, proper” club in the biggest and best league. If Messi hadn’t moved I highly doubt CR7 would have.
  12. They’re definitely going to panic buy someone near the deadline to save face.
  13. Gotta be the fastest ever major transfer. Linked in the morning, signed in the afternoon.
  14. Don’t think Koundé is a doubt. That’ll happen once Zouma officially goes. The Saul talk is what has quieted down. We definitely need a midfielder.
  15. Hope we get Koundé and Saul over the line. Ronaldo and United will get all the attention and the press will be unbearable but if we quietly finish these two deals off we’ll have built a better overall squad than they have.
  16. Hopefully it’s a 2 year deal for CR7 and not basically a 1 season rental. Because there’s no way they’ll go after Haaland if he’s there still. Oddly, even though Ronaldo is still great I’d be much more worried about them with a 21 year old who would be there for a decade.
  17. All going to come down to the matches against the big teams for United’s title challenge now I think. With Ronaldo I think they absolutely batter everyone else. Will Olé be able to outwit and out coach the elite managers head to head, though? We’ll see.
  18. Wonder who takes pens for them now Bruno will be depressed when he gets big dogged by Ronaldo.
  19. Welp. If United want him he’s never choosing City instead, surely. Suits their team much more than City as well. Sancho and Bruno feeding CR7 is pretty scary. But hopefully rules them out of the Haaland race.
  20. That would be amazing for us. Keep him as far from the PL as possible. It would completely fuck over Man United if CR7 ends up at City and Haaland ends up at PSG. Then there’s no elite striker left on the market for them next summer. Unless they try to bid £150m for a 29 year old Kane and deal with Levy.
  21. Zouma will probably be announced today you’d imagine. So we can stop reading the same thing repeated over and over regarding Koundé soon I hope.
  22. He’s not the demon he was with the ball running at defenders on the wing or anything but he’s still world class in and around the box. Combine penalties with the number of easy chances that will be set on a plate for him and I can see 25-30 goals.
  23. Very weird and interesting fit in a Pep team. His teams are always super structured, disciplined, and he basically spends the entire match screaming at and berating his players about their positioning and pressing. At his age CR7 ain’t gonna be out there running himself into the ground doing dirty work. Which I can see being an issue against the other top teams. But in that attack and with the way City create chances all he’ll have to do is hover around the penalty box and he’ll probably score 30 PL goals.
  24. Gonna miss Zouma as a personality and as a solid Chelsea player. Seemed like a huge character around the place and someone everyone loved. West Ham building an extremely solid side. In fact, they may have a more dangerous side than Arse which is hilarious.
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