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  1. As they have been in each of their matches so far, Spuds again being outplayed. They look clueless. And like those previous 3 games where they were outplayed their opponent is even more toothless and can’t score so Spuds will probably win 0-1.
  2. All those salty opposition fans questioning why we were after Saul and here is the reason. And thank god we got him. Kante will be a constant injury risk throughout the season and must be handled carefully. Saul is going to get a lot of games. As for Pulisic, I’m sad to say this because I really like him (especially as a fellow American) but I’d cash in on him next summer. He’s injured more than any player I’ve ever seen. Tuchel can’t ever count on him at all because he’s always on the injury table. Every injury then sets him back and he has to fight his way back into contention to play.
  3. Pretty difficult to even think about midfield targets for next summer when we haven’t even seen Saul yet.
  4. He seems genuinely happy to be here with a fresh start. Hopefully it doesn’t take long for us to see him on the pitch.
  5. I absolutely think we’ll go back in for Koundé. Maybe even in January depending on the health of our CB’s at the time. And he was almost certainly being targeted as a RCB not a LCB. He will be viewed as the long term replacement for Azpi and would’ve slotted in perfectly there. Our issue now could be that there could be more suitors going forward whereas we had a free run at him this summer.
  6. Barca are going to be hilariously bad this season, aren’t they? From Messi, Neymar, Suarez to Memphis, Luuk De Jong, etc This Barca team would probably finish 6th or 7th in the PL.
  7. Yep. If he works out we’ve got the best midfield group in the world. If he doesn’t, we go out and sign Rice next summer.
  8. This is an aspect that many aren’t considering. When teams sit deep against us and park the bus Saul will be infinitely more useful than Kova or Jorginho because he can shot and score from outside the box. Kova gets anywhere near the box and the ball is more likely the end up as a throw in for the other team than it is in the back of the net.
  9. Am I imagining things or did Anjorin not just sign a new contract a couple of months ago? This sure came out of nowhere.
  10. Yep. Too expensive of an outlay with only hours/minutes to go. Should’ve been done weeks ago.
  11. Looks like it hinges on Sarabia coming into Atleti first.
  12. Well I can’t foresee our board sanctioning a buy obligation so it may come down to us increasing the loan fee or something. It’s just not smart business to commit to an obligation before seeing what you’ve got.
  13. I don’t really understand Atleti’s position on Saul. Isn’t the entire reason he wants out and why they want him out due to the fact that he has fallen out of favor in midfield? Why do they need to replace someone who doesn’t even play in their midfield? I thought I read they have shifted him to win back or something.
  14. But the manager who delivered us the CL trophy has said himself that we need a couple more signings. Multiple times he has said so in interviews. I won’t slam the club until the window closes tonight but they will 100% have let him down if we sign nobody else.
  15. We’ve sold off basically all of our best youngsters over the last few windows and also multiple first teamers who could’ve contributed all based on the idea that we’d reinvest in upgrades to help us challenge for everything immediately. As awesome as our club have been in recent years for the most part this is one of the strangest summers ever. Trying to make up a massive points gap on City with only 1 signing. That’s…bold.
  16. So Sevilla gave us both a deadline and a price and we’ve bid after said deadline and tried to lowball them on the price. LMAO Zouma’s week + transfer bullshit may have cost Tuchel his top defensive target.
  17. RLC made zero impact at Palace and zero impact at Fulham. But apparently he’s good enough for us? Chance after chance he’s had to show he’s Chelsea quality, here and elsewhere, and he has failed to show he is. Should've just kept Billy or even Gallagher around.
  18. The only reason I would say it’s not a disaster is because only United dramatically improved around us. It looks as though City and Liverpool may also only sign 1 player each just like us. If everyone else went crazy whilst we signed only Lukaku I’d be worried. It’s still very, very strange how a club like us that’s been so smart operating in the transfer market have been left scrambling for deals in the final hours when we’ve known for months what the manager’s ideas are.
  19. I’d make a friendly bet with anyone that Camavinga will be Ødegaard mk2. I think this move comes wayyy too soon for him and he’ll be out on loan to some mediocre PL side within 2 years. I don’t think he’s anywhere near Real Madrid quality yet.
  20. Saul in and Koundé slipped in at the stroke of midnight tomorrow would be nice.
  21. That’s straight up robbery. Dan James, a nothing footballer, goes for £30m. Literally his only “skill” is hitting the ball past someone and trying to beat them for pace. If I had seen a tweet on deadline day saying some Championship team bought Dan James for like £8m I would say “yeah, that’s about what he’s worth.”
  22. He’s never going to complain when we’re in such a good moment. He’ll say he’s more than happy with what he’s got now. But it’s obvious from his comments for weeks now that 1 signing only wasn’t his idea.
  23. Total outgoings from Chelsea this summer: 233 Total incoming from Chelsea this summer: 1 The club is basically printing money through sales and yet we’re super reluctant to spend on players the manager asks for.
  24. I can’t imagine a top class sportsman like Saul would be thinking to himself “nah, I’ll never play there.” I mean, that’s what reports say but I find it hard to believe. Someone like him should be thinking he’s better than Kova (rightly or wrongly) and that he’ll fight his way into the XI. And tbf, if he did regain his best form he’d easily displace one of our midfielders.
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