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  1. having read stories bout conte supposedly "demanding" 5 signings, i was a bit taken back by it as i didn't really think we needed 5 extra players but looking at the squad thats just in LA, i do see we are a bit short on numbers all over the place, i mean can we really rely on remy as a back on striker ? and in defense i mean we know how short we are there so no need to really get into that......anyone slightly worried about the squad sheet ?
  2. sorry but does anyone even consider milik from ajax/poland i think his great and so underrated his tall and quick and has strength, and his super young i would love chelsea to gamble on him....his a similar player to dzeko but quicker, and no one seems to be talking about him...... am i the only one obsessed with him ?
  3. salah defiantly needs to go, he doesn't have a place at chelsea..so does moses and pretty much all the players you listed tho i still rate piazon even though its hard to get into the chelsea squad for the youngsters especially in the attacking third as we have alot of talent ..i have high hope for cuadrado just because its conte and i feel like cuadrado can be a great squad player with him and willian fighting it out week in week out and he can be used for cup comps without chelsea sacrificing for the sake of another competition... \ kenedy i would like to think is ready for first
  4. who do we keep who do we send out again or sell ?
  5. realistcally talking i feel like if we do keep costa we will most likely go out for the hunt to buy 1 more striker, and i feel like our LB postion isnt to bad if we have azpi and baba... it just all depends on conte and the formation he is going to use because if he sticks to a 3 backline, ivanovic as great as he has been needs to step down or move on, so a RB is super important, and i hope he can utilise our youngsters im super excited about kenedy great back up for hazard at the moment on that left side, but with people saying we need a CB, maybe but realtistically do we get one ? not to sur
  6. whats our opinions on conte and our loan players ? i think realistically we have 2-3 youngsters that are read to be in the squad. and how do we feel about cuadrado ? i feel like with a good preseason under his belt with conte and can be vital for the squad especially because of his work rate down the channel which is super important if conte decides to stick to a 3 back line.
  7. Just want to discuss all of our players and how the manger will use them, how many players do you guys think we need to sign ?
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