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  1. United just make a gift to Leicester and Liverpool massive shit team
  2. fucking United when they have to win they are massive shit
  3. If United win here our lose it won't matter ( 6 point from Liverpool with 2 game in hands and 4 + better GD )
  4. This is very strange season to us , no matter how it ends . We beat City , Liverpool and Tottenham away but WBA scores 8 goals against us , Arsenal beat us twice . Before 3 month with Lampard this team was 8 or 9 but now we can finish with double or with nothing of course . Strange season for sure .
  5. Arteta sneaked past Chelsea and Man utd this season without being beaten. Thats the only trophy they'll celebrate this season .
  6. BEAT : City , Real , Tottenham , LIverpool And then lose from : Arsenal .
  7. I don't know which is more embarrassing 2:5 from WBA or 2 lose from this Arsenal . I dont know .
  8. lucky ba*stards one lucky shoot and 0;1 fuck off every game vs Arsenal same shit
  9. If Liverpool win their two games in hand, they are 1 point behind us. Our final two games are Leicester and Aston Villa. Liverpool’s are Burnley and Crystal Palace. Good luck .
  10. another stupid lose from Arsenal 3th in a row after FA Cup final and 3:1 December last year
  11. at least don't lose this match wtf 2 lose from this shit Arsenal ????????
  12. I cant imagine Arsenal tomorrow against us with reserve team like United
  13. fucking United easy win for Leicester here
  14. what is this shit team from United > reserve team Win for Foxes
  15. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12257269/pick-your-premier-league-team-of-the-year-who-makes-your-xi-from-the-2020-21-season
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