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  1. I get it Jose is the savior but WTH is the deal with Mata? Not even on the bench?
  2. How many subs can you have in these matches?
  3. Why as the worldwide leader in sports does ESPN torture US viewers with Twellman?
  4. What the F is going on in the back?
  5. Good thing Jelavic is awful today or that should be 2 goals for him.
  6. They all look tired. Now hopefully the announcer will STFU.
  7. Unfortunately yes. FSC in the US. English guys. Not pro-Everton, more like anti-Chelsea.
  8. 1000% correct. Not a conspiracy theorist but these guys are definitely leaning anti-Chelsea on every play.
  9. Spoke to a friend in Madrid, long-time, multi-generational RM supporter. His viewpoint which he feels is shared by many RM supporters is that this team has taken on the negative characteristics of their manager and they don't like it. Drama with the manager and press, manager and players, players and players. Winning and trophies hides the ugliness. Losing and no trophies exposes it and RM supporters feel he's chipped away at the dignity of the RM institution, made it more about Jose, and less about RM. The club in Spain is bigger than player or manager and Jose hasn't respected that. He
  10. BBC says they were told Moses was 50-50 although he trained yesterday. Anybody else heard different? Disregard the above - thank you Ivanovic. After missing out on last year's CL final, good for Invanovic to play and get the game winner.
  11. How was that Aguero tackle not even a yellow, much less a red? Was he given the benefit of a "striker's challenge"? Or the ref just an idiot?
  12. I'll watch anything with Damian Lewis in it even if he is a ginger. Loved him in BoB, Life (canceled too soon), and Homeland. What I love about Homeland is it's a show I can watch with the spouse and even the teenage daughter. What a concept watch a show together that's not on the E network or MTV or produced by Ryan Seacrest. Season 1 was a WTF kind of show. Just never knew what was coming. Season 2 has been up (killing the tailor!!!!!!!!!!) and down. The acting top notch even if you wonder how a nutjob like Carrie can be in the CIA. But they say there's a little insanity/madness in
  13. Immediate response when I heard the news "that sucks". My daughter watched the game, saw him go down, get up, play a little, finally go down and stay down. She said "that's his ACL, that's what I did". And this comes from my inhouse expert - 3 knee surgeries before 18 years old. Wishing Oriol a healthy and strong recovery. Look what Adrian Peterson for the Vikings is doing after an ACL injury - dominating the running game in the NFL.
  14. A tie would be a victory for that ginger troll. Nothing but a win against the Spurs.
  15. Newton....is there a QB I dislike more? Maybe Sanchez. Speaking of Sanchez - the Jets are a mess. They look like you know what.
  16. I know its Wolves and they're 2nd team at that but Azpi was good. Hope to see more of him, Romeu, and Marin.
  17. Oscar and Piazon look like they're about 15 years old. Damn I'm getting old.
  18. Cahill heads it in off a Mata freekick.
  19. Relax, dBM7, Lakers training camp opens soon. Focus on the positive.
  20. 3 former PAC-12 refs who were dismissed for poor performance by the PAC-12 are replacement refs. I didn't have a problem with WIlson so much as Golden Tate. When asked about the blatant two hand shove he responded twice "I don't know what you're talking about". I blame Goodell AND the owners. Goodell is extremely powerful but he still works for the owners. These owners want to break the union and they don't care what happens. As Steve Young said it best "it's an inelastic demand" and we (the fans) keep watching.
  21. Last night's game was a joke. Giving GB a kickoff ball for the 2 pt conversion play. Refs probably didn't even know there were different balls. Not understanding pass interference, holding, or any infractions. Usually on a hail mary it's a free for all in the end zone but Golden Tate's blatant two hand shove in Shield's back - you have to call that. And then the call. Here's a picture that sums it up: http://t.co/u6pv6vHU What's even worse is because this was the Monday night game this was supposedly one of the best ref crews out there. You have to wonder if the call would have gone GB'
  22. If this had happened to Jerry Jones' Cowboys he wouldnt be telling us this sh*t was acceptable.
  23. These replacement refs tonight were a sham and embarrassment to the NFL shield. How much longer is the commish and owners going to keep telling us fans everything is ok?
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