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  1. Maybe Jose feels that Mata is not that big a loss so trading him to a rival is not that big a deal. Or he feels Moyes is clueless so United is not a threat. I honestly don't get trading him to United. Maybe it's a combo of Mata not being his type of player and Moyes not being very good. Can't imagine he'd trade him to United if Fergie was still there.
  2. I don't know if it's technically beautiful football but this second half is much better than the ugly first half.
  3. I don't get it tbh why Frank is picked almost game in game out regardless of performance. I know he's one of Jose's "untouchables" but some of his performances have been unwatchable. I'm sure Jose has his reasons but I'm just not smart enough to figure it out.
  4. As a friend and I were discussing this is an injury he suffered at Liverpool a few times. Hope it's not a precursor to those Liverpool injury days.
  5. Damn....... Jose dropped the hammer on some players. Maybe the wakeup call everybody needs.
  6. Miss tomorrow and West Brom. The international break is coming at the right time for him. Still waiting for scan to see how bad the injury is.
  7. Side note: I love NFL Red Zone especially when there isn't a local game that I want to watch. At first it was way too confusing for my old butt especially when they went double or quadruple box. Now I'm addicted. Too bad they don't have it for college football.
  8. That Texan kicker was crap last night. That's got to be brutal for the Texans defense - sh*tty QB play most of the season, sh*tty kicking game - while they play their as**s off. Former Bama RBs - Richardson, Ingram - not doing much in the NFL. NO was a bad spot for Ingram and Richardson can't seem to find a hole to save his life. Lacy on the other hand at GB is a beast. Were the Steelers supposed to be this bad this season? I admit I don't follow them much but I always expect them to be winning more than losing. Tampa Bay - Schiano is going to be the first guy fired unless the owner is a c
  9. Said it wasn't a heart attack but still pretty intense to see. Texans dominated the first half completely. Watt was his typical pain in the ass self causing mayhem everywhere. Second half Luck's WRs remembered how to catch the damn ball. Will Schaub ever see the field again as a Texan after Keenan's performance last night? And WTH is the matter with Richardson? Did he forget out how to run? When the trade first happened I thought Cleveland was stupid. Now I'm thinking Indy may have gotten screwed giving up a 1st round pick for Richardson. Freakin' Chargers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st and goal o
  10. Klay Thompson was on fire. Lakers shooting was ice cold. Nash is aging drastically day by day. Farmer has been a nice surprise. Me thinks there are going to be lots of highs and lows this season with this Lakers squad.
  11. All the Spaniards going out to celebrate their goal scoring.
  12. @_PaulHayward Bendtner looks as if he won a competition to play for Arsenal.
  13. From the Guardian: 39 min: It's weird that Arsenal aren't very good with Nicklas Bendnter up front. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  14. Happy for the performance for 3 reasons: 1. Good for Chelsea 2. Good for Fernando 3. Probably pissed off Carragher
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