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  1. He's still a young player and he's admitted a few poor performances affected his confidence. I fully expect young players to go through ups and downs and hope to see him back on the pitch next season. Believe he has qualities which can contribute positively to CFC.
  2. Not just Danny but I'm always a little surprised at how many players at this level play with their head down and never look up when they're on the field. What's up with that?
  3. The thing is Danny may want to be a CF but Chelsea managers don't have him playing there. We can all go on and on about it but until his manager sees him playing CF and puts him in that role, Danny needs to put his head down and play whatever position he's given.
  4. "He is one of those players who brings us speed, draws markers away, never stands still, and gets into positions to receive passes behind the back line," said Del Bosque, who is without the injured David Villa for the tournament. "Fernando is very happy to be here, he's euphoric."
  5. Alonso makes the PK after a Korean handball. Cardoza converts a FK. I do like this Spaniard. Squad rotation, Torres, Mata, and Ramos subbed off. Twitter quiets down.
  6. Torres and Mata off. 3 players not going to Euro 2012 subbed on.
  7. Alonso playing better without Xavi and Iniesta. Too often when the 3 play together it's redundant and occasionally boring.
  8. Spanish supporters on various forums are having a field day with the back 4. Not too thrilled with Mata's wastefulness in front of goal either.
  9. @FootballFact101 Fernando has scored the winning goal in 3 Euro Championship finals at 3 different levels, U16 in 2001, U19 in 2002, and Senior team in 2008. There is a reason why he's well thought of in the Spanish NT.
  10. By all accounts (newspapers following Spain, other players, etc) one Mr. Torres has been looking very sharp in training and glad to see it translated to the game. Cannot hurt his confidence to score so early.
  11. I made a slight edit. Roman seems to want to win a certain way with some style and panache. The results are there and now he wants it to be pleasing to the eye. I think Pep is smart enough to figure out that he doesn't have the pieces at Chelsea to recreate Barca Part 2. Maybe that in itself is a challenge to Pep to see what he can do with a different, top level club. While some may not like the Barca tiki-taka or theatrics, I personally don't doubt Pep's ability. Another thing is he'll have the respect of the English media which is an animal unto itself. He'll have the respect which AV
  12. I remember right after one of the PL games (can't remember which one) that Steve Holland was interviewed by CTV. Steve mentioned that he'd been working with Torres on movement, etc. Very interesting to hear Torres mention Steve publicly and reiterate what Steve said in that interview. While Torres is boycotting the English media, he should also boycott Guillem.
  13. I won't post it but there's a hate filled piece by Lipton also in that same rag. And he wonders why Torres won't speak to the English media.
  14. Were there any players besides the Portugese players who liked AVB?
  15. The timing of the interview was awful no two ways around it. That said Guillem, what a troll, is going to try to interview Torres as soon as possible after the match. Guillen knows Torres generates huge interest in Spain, in England (with those who love and hate him), and having a Torres interview is a goldmine for him. Guillem is going to "tease" the interview on twitter like he always does and then post as soon as possible. He doesn't care when the timing is. Guillem is going to ask the questions and Torres, right or wrong, is pretty candid when he actually does interviews and responds
  16. I'm waiting to read the entire Guiilem interview when he posts it because Guillem has his own agenda too. That said the timing.....for the love of God, why now?!
  17. Sometimes I think of the tequila commercial when I see Robbie. Calm, cool, collected.
  18. Tortilla9

    Petr Cech

    Neville was talking about how big Neuer looked in goal on the PKs. Thought Cech was just as imposing and his "guesses" were spot on. Once he got the first save it just seemed like CFC were going to win.
  19. Good post-game Torres and Mata http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3VfbSIEed_Y
  20. AVB - lots of posts and threads devoted to his tenure. RDM's PL record since he's taken over seems to be glossed over because of the feel good factor of everybody pulling together and not bitchin' publicly PLUS the high of the CL championship chase.
  21. Seriously?!? My daughter's U16 coach wanted to cut her from her team after her first knee injury.
  22. My daughter watched the LFC game and her comments about Essien were empathetic to where he is athletically. She's had 3 knee surgeries in 3 years (2 acl tears) and each time it's harder to come back but you desperately want to be back out there. Just because you're cleared to play doesn't mean you're mentally or physically back. She said it was about a year post-surgery before she felt close to her old self and then she got hurt again. All she wanted was a week/month where she could practice and play without the knee flaring up - swelling, tightness, etc. At the end of the game my daughter
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