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  1. Can somebody post the ESPN post match interview? Can't access it in the US. Disregard I found it. The interviewer was a d*ck. Love how Nando called him an "expert". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAwbj0rTxE4
  2. Top class support from the Chelsea faithful at SB and Torres seemed very aware and appreciative.
  3. Chargers are like Chelsea - they have a stretch of "bad moments" that hurt them every season. Unfortunately Rivers was an absolute mess last season which didn't help either. I don't go to many games but once the daughter goes away to college I may - give me something to do with my free time. Tebow - I like the kid but watching him throw is painful. I know the kid is an incredibly hard worker but he needs a lot of help. Foot work, arm motion, reads, etc. is just awful. Elway must be licking his chops at the possibility of getting Peyton assuming his neck and body hold up. That's a big IF.
  4. More RDM on the players rested: "They're all on board, they know what we have to achieve. It was a question of freshening up." "We faced a difficult task in a cup that was so important to us...We just did our job today."
  5. RdM after the match: It will only work if all 25 players in the squad are going to be a little bit unselfish for the rest of the season. Tonight I feel for Andre.
  6. Torres has only taken one PK in the PL. It was with LFC his first pre-season and he missed. He used to take them at Atleti but since he arrived in England he hasn't.
  7. Baby steps.... didn't expect it to turn around over night. Don't expect it to turn around until the summer tbh.
  8. New drinking game - everytime they show Frank on the bench. They're probably going to talk more about that then the game itself.
  9. Its been so long since I last saw Kalou play for CFC. And Malouda not even on the bench. What's happened to Romeu?
  10. I was thinking "get ready for all hell to break loose".
  11. Last sidetrack and I'll drop out: great article about Kobe and his perseverance, stubborness, Kobe-ness from a writer who follows the Lakers regularly. This writer was recently named NBA writer of the year. What I love about Kobe is not just his physical skills/ability but his mental strength. Maybe a few CFC players need to sign up for the Kobe System (youtube the commercials). http://www.ocregister.com/sports/bryant-343303-mask-game.html "But Bynum is understanding Bryant's higher standards better than ever, and that's part of the leading-by-example undercurrent on every team Bryant has
  12. I was too lazy to type the name out tbh. Sidetrack - A few months ago, my daughter and I looked at the schedule, looked for good seats at a reasonable price, i.e. crappy opponent, and got tickets for the Lakers vs Minnesota game, first game after D-Wade broke Kobe's nose. My daughter already has 2 Kobe jerseys but needed a new one for the game. I'm a sucker and got her a new one. All I can say....Kobe is a beast and his desire to win is so palpable. After the game my daughter said, "He's kinda scary how intense he is, I like it". Let's see some intensity from the Chelsea professionals . T
  13. To expand on dBM7's post thinking about Kobe and Frank... Kobe is a Lakers legend and he is THE ALPHA DOG at the Lakers (he's Terry, Cole, Cech, Lampard, Drogba all rolled into one in that aspect) and has been since he was 18 years old (even if he wasn't ready). Even at 33 years old Kobe still amazes this long time Lakers supporter. There are days like dBM7 when I wonder why Kobe is being so freakin' selfish. But Kobe believes (and so do most Lakers supporters) that he is the best option for the Lakers to win. All he wants to do is win games and championships/rings. I respect that becaus
  14. I agree but what about an "untouchable"?
  15. Been busy with work plus the negativity and fighting on the forum didn't make it too much fun here. Probably similar to the atmosphere at Cobham. I have to admit I wasn't overwhelmed by AVB but I do feel bad for him. I think he had his hands full from the beginning and he was swimming upstream from day one. There is a cleanout that needs to be done at CFC but nobody seems to be willing (or able) to do it. CFC seem unwilling/unable to move forward because they're constantly looking back to the Jose days. Those days are over and for the good of the club, MOVE FORWARD. Hiring and firing man
  16. I said it months ago, the inmates are running the asylum. Fully expect di Matteo's reign to go just as well as AVB's did. What a bunch of arrogant pricks from the board to players. "Professionals" is a joke.
  17. Where's the entertainment in that? I say Bosingwa-Luiz-Cahill (throw the newbie in)-Ferreira. I kid. Nice boring defence would be completely ok.
  18. Let's be honest Torres time under Ancelotti was awful. Why would Torres want to play under Ancelotti again? Why would his agent reach out to PSG? Doesn't pass the smell test.
  19. Brady has way too much time out there. Denver doesn't seem to have an answer for either TE. Phil Sims - he's annoying as hell to listen to.
  20. Rate their defense very high along with their coach. Meh about Smith. Give him credit on the last two drives.
  21. Didn't see that coming. Niners save up their offense for the last 5 min. Go figure.
  22. 49ers didn't take advantage of the NO turnovers. Should've put NO away earlier.
  23. Watched Steve Holland on CTV after the match. Said Torres has been strong in training. Said Torres has also been strong in finishing in training and has been doing extra finishing on his own. The volley off the crossbar off Frank - Steve shrugged like when its not happening its not happening.
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