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  1. Any details on the goal other than goalscorer?
  2. RIP Junior. For those of us in SoCal who watched USC football and then the Chargers, Seau was an amazing player. He was the face of the Chargers for a long time. Thoughts and prayers go out to his young children. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/report-nfl-legend-junior-seau-dead-182120394.html
  3. Caveat: I'm at work so I'm following via forums/twitter and haven't see the match myself. From what I'm reading the Malouda/Torres/Sturridge lineup was a disaster with Malouda and Sturridge the main culprits of ineptitude/selfishness/laziness. The midfield wasn't spectacular either. How did the Torres/Drogba partnership look for the brief time it was out there? Too little too late? Too difficult to break down the bus at that point?
  4. Subs: Turnbul, Cole, Essien, Lampard, Mata, Kalou, Drogba
  5. In the US, Fox Sports is showing Chelsea live. I don't even remember if Spurs was an option when I was looking to record the Chelsea game but I wasn't looking for them either. Hoping for a win so Warren Barton won't be gloating about Newcastle. BTW, Eric Wynalda who I think is ok loves RDM.
  6. Just as I was going to say Malouda is awful he goes and scores. Go figure.
  7. Who was happier there, Torres or Roman?
  8. From @chelseafc on twitter today: Early notice - Fernando Torres will be in the Stamford Bridge Megastore Friday, April 13 to sign shirts. I predict it's going to be a little crazy.
  9. My little red notification button was quite busy. Like I admitted to...brain lapse. Sometimes you look at something and make it much harder than it needs to be. That's me with the away goal. Thanks for the clarification. I'll start worrying IF Benfica scores.
  10. I'm having a brain lapse here. If the score Wed is say Chelsea 4 - Benfica 2, Chelsea still go through on aggregate, right? The away goal and multi-tasking is messing with my head.
  11. I am not disputing AVB gave Torres chances. All I'm saying is since the departure of AVB Torres seems to be revived. And it's not just Torres. I look back to when I was a brand new manager managing a group of 10. Some my age, some older. I tried to put my stamp on things, set the tone. Some things I did great and some things I went overboard. Somethings I did as a new manager I would never do now and looking back on I cringe. I think AVB would look back on his CFC experience and like a re-do on some things. Not to say that some players needed a swift kick in the a$$ then.
  12. Since Torres isn't taking my calls anymore I can only speculate what he's thinking by the words of his inept management and his recent performances - AVB didn't seem to believe in Torres and Torres knew that, RDM seems to be believe in him, Torres seems to believe that RDM believes in him, and Torres is getting his sh*t together on the pitch in overall play, assists, goals, etc. Whatever "IT" is it is working for him.
  13. Better than Andy Carroll that's for sure.
  14. I give RDM a lot of credit. The confidence RDM has in him seems to be paying off.
  15. I always wonder about the translation. I would believe it more if he said "he didn't have the confidence of the manager". On the other hand, please shut up. Sometimes I think his management isn't the sharpest.
  16. Did AVB take Romeu with him when he left Cobham? I know he's still there but it seems he's disappeared completely when it comes to playing time. Or even appearing on the bench.
  17. His confidence seems to have taken big leaps since RDM took over.
  18. Doesn't seem to be any sense of urgency going forward.
  19. How's Sanchez going to take Tebow coming? Maybe Pete Carroll was right about Sanchez.
  20. I was watching the FSC broadcast of the match and the announcer (don't know who it was), said as teammates it must be frustrating to play with Danny. You never knew if he was going to ignore you or pass. He said it wasn't surprising that teammates got frustrated with him and why sometimes they stop running. Not saying I completely agree but I could see how it could be construed that way. My daughter played with a teammate who was Danny to a T. Quick, fast, loved to dribble but passing was a foreign word to her. My daughter on the other hand, an attacking CM, so she loves to pass and attac
  21. My daughter was watching the game late Sunday night. She hasn't watched much football the last few months. Her comments: 1. "Torres finally scored". Told her to quit being a hater. 2. "That one guy doesn't like to pass to Torres". I asked "Malouda?" Her response, "no, not him, the guy on the right, he doesn't pick his head up". I can't decide if it's true greed/selfishness or tunnel vision. Maybe a combination of all.
  22. Houston bought out Fisher and Fisher supposedly wants to win his 6th ring somewhere. I appreciate everything that Fisher did for the Lakers but the Triangle was perfect for a slow, can't get into the lane, can't create his own shot, doesn't really provide assists, older PG. Some team will pick him up for his leadership but it won't necessarily be for his PG skills which have eroded. Lakers stunk up the joint last night and Kobe, love him, was the absolute worst Laker out there. How often do you say that? As even Kobe said "I shot like [email protected]". Sessions - watching a point guard drive down th
  23. According to ESPN breaking news Peyton is going to the Broncos. 1. Tebow time over? 2. 49ers now need to smooth the ruffled feathers of Alex Smith
  24. What has happened to Romeu? See him in training pics but he's not even on the bench anymore.
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