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  1. @wehatescouse - Has your mate at the training ground got any inside info on who's the replacement. He's been a diamond for me previously?
  3. Terrible stomach churning stuff but I just know, nobody will be held accountable. Labour will return their mp and have a new crime commissioner elected if Shaun Wright resigns. No police or Councillors will be punished.
  4. What a sad state of affairs it is to see all these British Citizens go off and murder and behead others. Who knows what awaits us all when they come 'home.'
  5. When genocide is permissible. Goodness me what a level of historical ignorance it would take for a Jew to write that.
  6. http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/does-this-war-make-me-look-fat/ On another note this is almost so ruthless its funny. Terribly terribly out of touch.
  7. Embarrassing, he never for a second considered throwing a punch when he knocked the table over. Phony rage.
  8. I do find it very tiresome how those who wish to legitimately criticise Israel are immediately tarnished with the tag of anti-antisemitism. Similar to how those wanting a debate on immigration are often tagged racist. It only serves to stifle debate and stir up frustration, bitterness and misinformation.
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2707036/PETER-HITCHENS-Israel-s-bloody-assault-Gaza-dream-come-true-Hamas.html Good article on the pragmatic foolishness as well as moral repugnancy of Israel's attack.
  10. Yer I fully agree. There's no point continuing to exist as a nation if you've lost your soul and dehumanised your people. However, some people will measure the debate as such I'm afraid whether you like it or not.
  11. Stop your tears you bore, already said I don't agree with it. Just putting things across from a different angle.
  12. Course not but depends how you frame the debate, its another angle.
  13. True but what ever way you look at it, they're a tiny country despised by their entire region, yet they've secure the future of their citizens and delivered to them the the highest quality of life. May be cunts, but they're winning cunts who I expect couldn't care less what people like us think.
  14. One of my best mates lives out there now so hoping to go over sometime next year and have a look at things personally. He used to be a die-hard pro Palestinian, and although he remains so his opinions on Israelis, or at least a decent proportion of them seem to have softened. I used to be a strong supporter of Israel but not any more. Their actions are just too inhumane and terrible to justify. On the other hand. even if you hate them one must acknowledge that their sheer ruthlessness has ensured that they remain what of the most successful nation states in the world, and one operating within
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